5 Buffalo Chicken Chili’s Side Dish Recipes That Are Worth Trying

buffalo chicken chili side dish

Buffalo chicken chili is a hearty and flavorful dish that is sure to please everyone in attendance at your party, and it is easy to whip up too.

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If you are looking for some amazing side dish ideas to serve with your chili soup, look no further!

We have got some fantastic suggestions that will complement your soup perfectly and are listed in this article.

So get ready to cook up a storm and enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends!

What is buffalo chicken chili?

Buffalo chicken chili is the perfect comfort food that is filling and flavorful.

If you love the flavor of buffalo chicken wings, you will also love the buffalo chicken chili.

The recipe calls for shredded chicken that is slow-cooked in a spicy buffalo sauce and a lot of Parmesan cheese to result in a creamy, rich, vibrant, and flavorful dish.

Buffalo chicken chili can work as the main dish as well as a thick dipping sauce with other starchy sides.

It is perfect for game days or a cozy winter night.

What to consider when choosing a buffalo chicken chili’s side dish?

When you are planning your menu for the week, it can be tough to decide what side dish will go with your buffalo chicken chili.

You don’t want one that is too heavy or too light.

Make sure to consider these two key points when choosing a side dish to accompany your buffalo chicken chili:

Buffalo chicken chili is typically served with a starchy side dish

A starchy side dish that is high in carbs like rice, corn, or bread will be a good choice to serve with buffalo chicken chili because it can absorb the rich liquid thanks to the starchy texture.

These options can also keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

Consider the cooking time and the number of people who will be eating

Before making buffalo chicken chili and other side dishes, make sure to determine the cooking time of each dish and the number of people who will be at your party.

This will ensure you have enough food for everyone without forcing them to wait.

Opting for quick-to-make side dishes or those that can be prepared in advance to save cooking time.

5 best side dishes to serve with buffalo chicken chili

Now, it’s time to dig into the five best side dish recipes to accompany your next buffalo chicken chili: 

1.     Steamed rice

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Steamed rice is a simple but effective way to go if you are looking for a good side dish to serve with your buffalo chicken chili.

Rice is a staple in Asian cuisine, but now you can find it everywhere in the world.

Different kinds of rice can work, and you only need to steam it until the grains are cooked thoroughly and achieve a fluffy and starchy texture.

2.     Crispy tortillas

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How about using buffalo chicken chili as a dipping sauce?

Yes, you can serve buffalo chicken chili with crispy tortillas (chips) on the side.

Tortillas are a Mexican staple, and they can be made from either corn or wheat flour.

Dip each tortilla in the chili for a flavorful taste in every bite.

3.     Naan bread

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Another finger food that can be served with buffalo chicken chili is naan bread.

Naan bread is a common kind of flatbread in Indian cuisine, and it works well with a hearty and rich soup like buffalo chicken chili.

4.     Roasted vegetables

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Besides the aforementioned starchy side dishes to serve with your buffalo chicken chili, you can also opt for a vegetable one.

Roasted veggies are one of our suggestions that have a refreshing and light taste to offset the hearty and savory taste of the chicken chili.

5.     Salads

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Another veggie accompaniment that perfectly works with buffalo chicken chili is salads.

Salads can be made from different kinds of veggies, but two of the most common kinds are green salads or fruit salads.

Salads often come with a crunchy texture and refreshing flavor that boost your appetite and make your buffalo chicken chili even tastier.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you enjoy our article with the easiest and most delicious side dishes to serve with your hearty buffalo chicken chili.

Which side dish do you prefer and will try first with your next chili soup?

And if you have other recipes that can greatly accompany buffalo chicken chili, please comment below!