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3 Most Popular Low-sodium Substitutes For Chicken Broth

A low-sodium chicken broth substitute is one of the sought-after ingredients on the market today.

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Although canned chicken broth is a staple in many households due to its convenience and delicious taste, it is known for its high sodium content, which might pose some risks to our health.

So our article will help you find the best low-sodium alternatives for your regular store-bought chicken broth and keep your diet healthier.

What is chicken broth?

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Chicken broth is the liquid that is made by simmering chicken meat with spices like salt and pepper to taste.

Many people mistake chicken broth with chicken stock, but the latter is made from simmering chicken bones instead of meat.

The bones result in a more gelatinous consistency but are a bit less flavorful.

Chicken broth is commonly used in many recipes like soups, stews, or sauces because it adds flavor and texture to these dishes.

If you like to have some meat while eating these liquidy dishes, there is no need to strain the broth after simmering the chicken meat, just skim the surface to remove the scum while making chicken broth.

Homemade chicken broth is ideal because it is not only delicious but also healthier.

However, many people opt for the store-bought version because it is much more convenient and helps them reduce a lot of time spent in the kitchen.

The problem is canned chicken broth is often high in sodium and might be harmful to our health if consumed in the long term.

Can you substitute chicken broth in cooking recipes?

Yes, you totally can substitute chicken broth with other ingredients that work the same way in any cooking recipe.

Cooking with chicken broth is a great way to add flavor, texture, and nutrients to your dishes.

However, chances are many times that you cannot have a can of chicken broth in your kitchen.

Don’t worry, there are many options that can work as great substitutes for chicken broth, including the low-sodium types.

There might be some differences in the taste and texture of the resulting dish, but they are not significant and your dish is still going to be as amazing as when using regular chicken broth.

What low-sodium chicken broth substitutes can you use instead?

Sodium is one of the main reasons that pose some risks to your heart health as well as your blood pressure.

So what will be the best chicken broth substitutes that are low in sodium? Check below:

1. Homemade chicken broth

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Compared to canned chicken broth, the homemade version is definitely healthier.

You can control the salt content and there won’t be any additives or preservatives in the broth like the one that is produced by industrial manufacturers.

When making chicken broth, you can simmer vegetables like celery, carrot, and onion to enhance the flavor of the broth and add more vitamins and minerals to the liquid, making it much more nutritious.

Homemade chicken broth is also more economical, but it might take a bit of effort and time.

2. Unsalted canned chicken broth

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Another low-sodium substitute for chicken broth is the unsalted version.

Salt is the main ingredient to cause a high sodium content, therefore, looking for unsalted chicken broth is also a way to eat healthier.

Read the label carefully to make sure that this canned chicken broth is unsalted, meaning it is lower in sodium.

3. Vegetable stock

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Vegetable stock is also one of the top alternatives for chicken broth.

It is lower in sodium, and it is vegan too.

So people who want to cut down some meat intake or follow a vegetarian diet can find this option ideal.

The vegetable stock has a mildly sweet flavor and thinner texture than chicken broth.

It is also widely used on the market, just like chicken broth.

The bottom line

So, for all of you that are looking to substitute your conventional store-bought chicken broth with a healthier alternative, hopefully, this article has helped you find the best low-sodium alternatives available on the market.

Try making your own chicken broth with less salt, or looking for vegetable stock and unsalted chicken broth, you can make any soup, stew, sauce, or gravy taste more delicious without sacrificing your health.

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