5 Secret Ingredients That Will Make Your Bland Mac And Cheese A Hit

how to fix bland mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a staple of the American dinner, but not all mac and cheese is created equal.

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Making bland mac and cheese can be a real problem, especially if you’re trying to impress someone with your culinary abilities.

Luckily, there are ways that you can spice up your bland mac and cheese so that it tastes fantastic! Let’s dive in!

Why do my mac and cheese taste bland?

Some reasons can explain why your mac and cheese end up tasteless.

Most commonly, it is because you have chosen the wrong ingredients or cooked it the wrong way.

But no matter what the cause is, some ways can help you save a bland bowl of mac and cheese, and there is no need to throw everything away.

What mistakes should you avoid while making mac and cheese?

There are also some common mistakes when cooking mac and cheese.

It isn’t necessary to be bland, just less appealing and not delicious at all.

  • Overcooking the pasta: It is crucial to cooking the pasta correctly.

If you overcook it, it will lose its shape and become soft.

This will make your mac and cheese not only tasteless but also mushy and unpleasant.

  • Using low-quality ingredients: There are some ingredients in macaroni that can help improve the flavor of your dishes, such as Parmesan cheese, butter, salt, and pepper.

However, if you use cheap quality of these ingredients, then there is no way for them to give off their best benefits.

If you don’t add any spices to your macaroni, then you will end up with a bland dish that lacks flavor.

This can be easily avoided by adding some pepper or other spices of your choice to give it some kick.

Moreover, some spices or herbs tend to lose their pungency if left for a long time.

What can I add to mac and cheese for flavor?

If you’re looking for a way to add some flavor and kick to your standard boxed mac and cheese, look no further.

Here are some ideas for how to do just that:

Add dairy products

Carnation Evaporated Milk, Low Fat 2%, 12 fl oz

If your macaroni and cheese taste bland, you can add dairy products to make it taste delicious again and become creamier:

  • Add milk: Adding some milk will help soften the cheese and make the flavor pop a little more in your mouth.

It also adds a creamy texture that’s hard to achieve even with melted butter.

But milk itself is a liquid, and it can make your mac and cheese watery; therefore, be sure to start with one or two spoons first.

  • Add cream: If you want something richer than milk alone (or if you’re lactose intolerant), try adding some heavy cream.

Heavy cream will give your dish an even richer finish!

  • Add cheese: Adding real cheddar or Parmesan on top of your macaroni can really take it up a notch in terms of flavor and texture.

But once again, don’t overdo it, or your mac and cheese bowl will be too thick and hard to eat.

Add mustard powder or Dijon mustard

365 by Whole Foods Market, Mustard Dijon Organic, 8 Ounce

If you want more flavor, consider adding mustard powder or Dijon mustard.

This will give your mac and cheese a nice tangy flavor, which goes well with the creamy cheese.

Add garlic powder or onion powder

Badia Garlic Powder, 16 Ounce

For more flavor, you can also add garlic powder or onion powder to your mac and cheese.

The amount you add depends on how much of the flavor you want, but don’t overdo it.

If you’re adding it to the cheese sauce, you’ll probably have to use more than if you’re adding it to the pasta.

If you don’t have the powder, just use finely chopped fresh garlic or onion; they can work well too.

Add bacon

Fresh Brand – Thick Sliced Applewood Smoked Bacon, 16 oz

If you want to add flavor to your mac and cheese and a little fat, bacon is a great option.

It’s easy to cook and can be used in two ways: cooked into the macaroni or sprinkled on top after serving.

If cooking bacon in macaroni sounds weird to you, keep in mind that this isn’t an uncommon way of preparing pasta dishes in Italy.

It’ll give your meal a smoky flavor and crisp texture that will make your taste buds very happy.

Bacon makes everything better, right?

Add some heat

If you want a kick on your mac and cheese and make it taste less bland, consider adding some heat.

Hot sauce, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, chili powder, and paprika are all great.

Got a thing for cumin? Go ahead and add some ground cumin as well!


So, there you have it—all the tips and tricks for fixing bland mac and cheese.

And don’t forget that sometimes a little salt can help as well.

Hopefully, this article has helped pull you out of the mess in the kitchen with bland mac and cheese, and from here, you will never end up with bland mac and cheese anymore.