The Black Vs White Chicken: If You’re Ever Wondering Which Chicken To Eat, This Is The Answer

black vs white chicken

It is easy to see the difference in color between a black chicken and a white chicken.

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However, the question becomes, which one tastes better and healthier? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think, and we will explain this in the article below.

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What are black chickens?

Black chickens can refer to any breed of chicken that has a solid black plumage as well as black meat, bones, and organ.

Some examples of black chickens are Ancona chickens from Italy, Ayam Cemani chickens from Indonesia and Malaysia, Kadaknath from India, or Silkie from China.

One misconception about black chickens is that the female black chickens lay black eggs.

In fact, the color of the skin or feathers of a chicken doesn’t determine the color of its eggs.

Black chickens also lay white, brown, or sometimes dark green eggs like Olive Eggers breed.

Black chickens are usually considered healthier than their regular white counterparts because black chicken meat is higher in B-vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and amino acids that are good for human health.

Black chickens are usually used in stew or soup recipes instead of grilled or baked like white chickens.

What are white chickens?

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White chickens refer to chickens that have a solid white plumage or other shades like buff or grey, but their meat is white, which is in contrast to black chickens.

White chickens are not completely white from top to bottom (like black chickens usually have black legs, comb, meat, bones, and organ), they typically have red faces instead.

White chickens can be bred for either egg or meat production, or both.

They can be cooked in numerous ways, but commonly baked, grilled, or deep-fried.

White chickens can lay white or brown eggs of different sizes depending on each breed of chicken.

What are the differences between black chickens vs white chickens?

Black chickens and white chickens differ in many ways, not only just how they look.

The comparison table below will break down their differences in several criteria, from their appearances to their tastes or nutritional content.

 ComparisonBlack chickensWhite chickens
AppearanceSolid black from inside out (plumage, comb, legs, meat, bones, and organs)Can be white or buff in the feather color, with red faces, yellow to dark legs
TasteSweeter, more savory, and more exoticMilder
TextureSofter and tenderMore rubbery
Nutrient valueHealthier with more vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, calcium, niacin, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, lower in fatA rich source of protein and essential nutrients but with lower quantity than black chickens
UseMainly used in stews and soupsMainly grilled, baked, or fried
PopularityRareMore popular

What are the similarities between black chickens vs white chickens?

Besides the main differences between black chickens and white chickens, they also share some similarities, as listed below:

1. Black chickens and white chickens can come in a variety of colors and sizes

There is no specific color and size for black or white chickens.

This means not all black chickens are completely black from top to toe, from inside to outside, and it is also true for white chickens.

In terms of size, Jersey Giants are currently the largest breed of chicken, and they can come in both white or black colors.

2. They can be raised for both meat and egg productions

The second similarity between black chickens and white chickens is that they can be bred for any purpose: meat production, egg production, or both.

This strongly relies on each breed of chicken.

Some are great for their meat that tastes amazing and is nutritious, while others have a productive egg production, which allows you to have fresh eggs every day from the backyard or even to sell on the market if you have too many.

3. Black chickens and white chickens can be found anywhere in the world

The last thing in common is that black chickens and white chickens can be found in different places in the world.

For example, in Asia, you can buy both black or white chickens.

You can do this in Europe or America as well.

Which one is better?

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In conclusion, it is true to say that most black chickens taste better and healthier than white chickens.

However, they are more expensive because of their rareness.

It doesn’t mean that white chickens don’t taste good.

The taste and nutrient value of a chicken will heavily rely on how it is raised, fed, and the breed itself.

So you can start raising some docile chickens in your backyard no matter if they are black or white, or buy organic chicken directly from a farmer’s market for cooking.