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Green Turkey Bacon: Causes, Solutions, and Tips to Avoid

Green turkey bacon is an abomination, but unfortunately, it’s also kind of normal.

But first, a story: My wife and I were sitting in our local breakfast joint, scarfing down our respective egg and bacon sandwiches, when I happened to notice that her bacon was, in fact, green.

“Yeah, so that’s why it’s always been called ‘green bacon’,” she said with a laugh, taking a bite.

“I think it’s just the way they cure it.


My mind was blown.

1. It isn’t really turkey bacon

I was a bit skeptical about using this product because of the price.

However, I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did.

The bacon is so delicious and it is a great alternative to traditional bacon.

It is also a lot healthier for you than traditional bacon.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional bacon.

2. Its name is really misleading

The “green” in green turkey bacon comes from the fact that it is uncured.

This means that it does not contain nitrates or nitrites.

These chemicals are used to cure meat and give it a more appealing color.

Some people choose to avoid them because they believe that they are not healthy.

Uncured green turkey bacon is not necessarily better for you than cured bacon.

In fact, it may contain more fat and calories.

The best way to know whether or not something is healthy for you is to read the label carefully.

Make sure that you know what ingredients are in the product and that the ingredients are things that you would expect to find in a food product.

3. Its Two Best Woods Are Apple And Alder

Why Is My Turkey Bacon Green?

The color of your turkey bacon depends on a variety of factors.

One of the most important is the type of wood used to smoke the meat.

The two most commonly used woods for smoking turkey bacon are apple and alder.

Applewood smoked turkey bacon is typically light in color, while alder smoked turkey bacon is darker.

The type of wood used to smoke your turkey bacon will also affect the flavor.

Applewood smoked turkey bacon tends to be sweeter, while alder smoked turkey bacon has a more savory flavor.

In addition to the type of wood used, the quality of the turkey bacon also affects its color.

Lower quality turkey bacon may have a darker color due to the use of artificial additives.

4. Its great for the environment

Unlike traditional bacon, which is high in saturated fat and sodium, turkey bacon is a healthier option.

It’s lower in calories and fat than regular bacon, and it’s also a good source of protein.

In addition, turkey bacon is made from turkey, which is a lean meat.

This means that it’s a good option for people who are trying to eat a healthy diet.

One of the biggest benefits of turkey bacon is that it’s low in saturated fat.

Regular bacon is high in saturated fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease and other health problems.

By contrast, turkey bacon is low in saturated fat, which makes it a healthier option.

In addition to being low in saturated fat, turkey bacon is also low in sodium.

Sodium is an important nutrient, but it’s also important to keep your sodium intake within healthy limits.

Regular bacon is high in sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure and other health problems.

5. Its delicious

The reason your turkey bacon is green is because it has been processed with sodium nitrite.

This is a common additive that is used in many processed meats, including bacon, because it helps to preserve the meat and prevent the growth of bacteria.

It also helps to give the bacon its characteristic red color.

However, when the bacon is cooked, the sodium nitrite can react with the amino acids in the meat to form a compound called nitrosamine.

This is a known carcinogen that can be harmful to your health.

To reduce the amount of nitrosamine in your bacon, you can try to find bacon that is processed with celery juice or other natural preservatives, rather than sodium nitrite.

You can also try to cook your bacon at a lower temperature to reduce the amount of time it spends in the oven or on the stove, as this will reduce the amount of nitrosamine that is formed.

The Bottom Line

So if you are wondering why your turkey bacon is green, the answer is really quite simple.

It is not turkey bacon at all, despite its name.

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