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Where to Buy Point Cut Corned Beef: Your Ultimate Guide

If you are a fan of corned beef, then it is nothing better than a cut of this savory meat product.

The only problem is what is the best cut for corned beef and where to buy it.

In this article, we’ll address this question and give you some recommendations for where to get the best quality and lowest price!

What is point-cut corned beef?

Point-cut corned beef is a cut of meat from a cow’s brisket or breast.

It is another variation of the traditional corned beef cut but has a few differences.

It is rounder, with a pointier end.

Point-cut corned beef has more marbling than regular corn beef, which means more fat content throughout the meat.

This makes for an incredibly tender cut with incredible flavor.

It’s often used when making corned beef and cabbage or simply sliced and served cold with sandwiches.

Which corned beef cut is better, point or flat?

If you’re looking to invest in a cut of top-quality corned beef, here are the basics.

The point is the most expensive part of the brisket and has more fat than its flat counterpart.

While it might not be ideal for those on a diet or watching their cholesterol, it’s undoubtedly tastier.

Flat-cut corned beef contains less fat than point-cut corned beef and is, therefore, better suited for grilling or frying since it won’t fall apart as easily when cooked at high temperatures.

Flat cuts tend to cost more than point cuts because they contain less fat and require less cooking time to get tender enough to enjoy without falling apart entirely.

However, a pointed cut is a way to go in terms of flavor.

What to look for when shopping for point-cut corned beef?

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When shopping for point-cut corned beef, you’ll want to look for a fresh cut of meat.

So how can you determine a good beef cut when it is uncooked? Here are some tips from us:


When shopping for point-cut corned beef, be sure to look at the color of the meat and the fat.

The meat should be dark red, while the fat should be almost white to light cream.

If you see any greenish or grayish discoloration on either side of your cut, it’s probably not fresh enough for your needs or even contaminated.


With the texture of point-cut corned beef, it’s essential to look for a firm but not tough and tender yet moist piece.

The meat should also be uniform throughout the entire piece of meat—if it’s particularly dry or wet in one area, you may want to consider shopping elsewhere.

The ratio of meat and fat

If you’re unsure which point-cut corned beef to buy, keep the ratio of meat and fat in mind.

You can also look at the weight of the product.

A higher percentage of meat will have a better flavor and is more nutritious than one with a lot of fat.

But if there is too little fat, your dish might end up pretty bland.


You can tell a lot about the quality of point-cut corned beef by its smell.

If it has a clean and meaty smell, it’s probably fresh.

If it smells sour or rancid, don’t buy it.

Typically, raw meat doesn’t possess a strong smell, but a bad-quality cut will definitely have a sign of spoilage and an unpleasant odor, and you can easily recognize it with your nose.

Once cooked, a good beef cut will release a fragrant flavor from the meat itself, along with other flavors from the seasonings.

What to look for when shopping for point-cut corned beef: Price

The price of point-cut corned beef can vary greatly, depending on the brand and where you shop.

The best way to save money is to look for a good deal on bulk packages at wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club.

You can also find discounted prices on sale items at specialty stores like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and coupons and discounts at your local grocery store.

Where to buy the best point-cut corned beef?

If you want to buy the best point-cut corned beef, look for a butcher shop.

This can be a local or traditional butcher shop or a supermarket with an excellent meat department and an experienced butcher on staff.

Look for a supermarket that sells locally sourced meat, as this will ensure that you’re getting the freshest cuts possible.

It is better to buy organic beef from a local farmer’s market, where you can know the origin of the meat and how it was raised.

Organic meat can also be found in many stores; just ensure to have some research before choosing a source to buy point-cut corned beef, either online or offline.


In this blog post, we have covered the different types of point-cut corned beef and where to buy the best cut of it.

If you are looking for a quick and easy meal, then point-cut corned beef is the way to go!

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