5 Substitutes For Beef Drippings: How To Replace Your Favorite Foods With These Substitutes

beef dripping substitute

We are here to share with you guys the best beef drippings substitutes that will be perfect to use in your next meal.

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With these options, you will never have to worry about running out of beef drippings or having them expire before you can use them all up.

What are beef drippings?

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Beef drippings are actually the rendered fat that is taken from any unused part of cows.

Beef drippings are similar to beef tallow, but the latter is often made by rendering beef fat found around the kidney or loin of the cow, while beef drippings are made from the fat in any part of the cow.

You can also get beef drippings from roasting a whole cut of beef and the fat will be released or dripped off while cooking, hence the name.

Beef drippings, therefore, are more flavorful and can contain golden and crispy pieces of beef fat.

Drippings can be used to cook vegetables or other meat dishes.

They are also great for making gravy, salad dressing, pastries, or basting beef sandwiches.

Can you substitute beef drippings in cooking recipes?

Chances are you don’t have beef drippings on hand sometimes, but it is relatively easy to substitute this kind of fat.

Beef drippings can be alternated by using many other easy-to-find ingredients in any cooking recipe.

There are a number of beef drippings substitutes that are more cost-effective or healthier, and they taste just as good as the real thing.

What can you substitute for beef drippings?

This is probably the most expected section, in which you will be enlightened with what substitutes work best to replace your favorite beef drippings.

However, each will be more suitable for a specific recipe, so read on carefully to figure it out:

1. Beef tallow

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Beef tallow would be the first thing that comes to mind to substitute beef drippings.

As already mentioned, beef tallow is similar to beef drippings, they are just made from different sources of fat, but all come from the cow.

Therefore, the flavor, as well as the smoke point of beef tallow, is closest to beef drippings, making it possible to use these ingredients interchangeably in any case.

2. Pork lard

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Pork lard can also work great in many recipes instead of beef drippings.

Rendered pork lard has the same texture, but a slight difference in the flavor compared to beef drippings.

It can be used for baking, salad dressing, or deep-frying like beef drippings.

3. Cooking oil

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There are various kinds of cooking oils available on the market for you to choose from to substitute beef drippings.

Vegetable oil like palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, or canola oil is most popular.

Moreover, you can also use nut oils like almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, corn oil, hazelnut oil, peanut oil, or grapeseed oil, which are known as much healthier than regular cooking oil.

These cooking oils are often suitable for deep-frying recipes or coating baked foods rather than being used to rich or thicken gravy and salads.

4. Bacon fat

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Bacon fat, or bacon grease, can be bought in a big plastic container from any grocery store.

Otherwise, you can render your own slices of bacon to get their fat.

This option is perfect for gravies or baking recipes like pudding or cakes thanks to its rich flavor.

5. Butter or margarine

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The last thing we would recommend to use instead of beef drippings is melted butter or margarine.

Both can be easily found in any grocery store or supermarket with various brand names.

These fats are great to add a rich and buttery flavor to many of your dishes, however, they have a low smoke point, making them not ideal for deep-frying recipes.

The bottom line

Whether you are cooking up a hearty dinner or giving your family some yummy pancakes for breakfast, this list of beef drippings substitutes will be perfect to use in any dish.

They all have their own unique benefits and characteristics that make them ideal for specific recipes.

Remember that when it comes to food, there are no wrong answers!

So pick the one that sounds best to you or try them all to figure out what beef drippings substitute is the greatest.