Where To Buy Piedmontese Beef Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

It is no secret that Piedmontese beef is one of the best beef you can buy.

However, many people don’t know where to purchase this kind of Italian beef, which will be unraveled in this article.

You will not only find out the places in which Piedmontese beef is sold but also learn more about this type of beef.

What is Piedmontese beef?

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Piedmontese beef is the beef from the namesake cattle that originated in Italy.

The word “Piedmont” refers to the geographical area in Northern Italy.

Beef cattle from this region have different characteristics than those found elsewhere, making them ideal for a specific type of cuisine.

This breed of cow has been raised in North America since the 1970s.

Piedmontese cows have a grey-white color when matured.

They can be used for either milk or meat production.

Piedmontese beef is leaner with less fat content, however, it doesn’t mean that this kind of beef is tougher and drier.

Despite the higher ratio of lean to fat, Piedmontese beef is still rich in flavor and tender when properly cooked.

It is also higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, making it more premium, and is sold at a higher price.

Piedmontese cows are also grass-fed, therefore, their meat is of higher quality without hormones or antibiotics.

How many calories are in Piedmontese beef?

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For your information, one gram of protein produces fewer calories than one gram of fat.

As a result, Piedmontese beef, which is leaner and higher in protein, will have fewer calories.

The exact number of calories in Piedmontese beef will actually depend on specific cuts, however, in general, a serving size of four ounces of Piedmontese beef will only provide us with an average of 150 to 200 calories.

This is good news for people who love beef but are afraid of gaining weight by eating too much of this high-calorie type of meat.

Piedmontese beef will be a much healthier alternative.

How to choose the best Piedmontese beef?

Piedmontese beef is compared to the highest quality Wagyu beef from Japan, therefore, it is worth giving it a better selection when shopping for the best Piedmontese beef on the market.

Here are what to consider when buying this special kind of beef:

1.   Looking for Piedmontese beef from a reputable butcher

Since Piedmontese beef is not widely raised and sold on the market like conventional counterparts, you should find a reliable source to buy it, otherwise, you are throwing money on regular beef at a much higher price.

2.   Piedmontese beef has a deeper reddish and much leaner

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Don’t expect to find a cut of Piedmontese beef with an incredible amount of marbling fat.

This kind of beef is much leaner than others, so you will only see some fat around the edges and a dark red color in the whole cut.

However, it still amazingly results in tender beef when cooked instead of being lean with just a little trimming.

If the Piedmontese beef cut looks stale and turns grown, it might be an old cut from yesterday without being properly stored.

However, since this is a premium type of beef, there is a low chance you will get a stale Piedmontese beef cut.

Where to buy Piedmontese beef?

So where will you go when you want to purchase some Piedmontese beef?

Here are some typical places in which you can find Piedmontese beef available.

1.   Local butcher

The first place to find this unique beef is at a local butcher shop.

If you know the butcher, ask them ahead if you expect some cuts of Piedmontese beef in case they run out of stock quickly.

2.   Farmers’ markets

The best place to buy Piedmontese beef is directly from the farmers themselves where the cattle are raised and slaughtered on the farm.

You can also get the best price when purchasing Piedmontese beef from the farmers’ markets, which can save you a lot of money.

Take this chance and buy a bit more to store in your kitchen this kind of top-quality beef.

3.   Supermarket

Some large chain supermarkets like Whole Foods Market or Walmart also sell Piedmontese beef, but not too much.

Read the label carefully to make sure you are paying for what you need.

4.   Online retailers

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To ensure you will get 100% pure Piedmontese beef, go to the Certified Piedmontese beef official website to shop for a cut.

You can also look for it on other online platforms, such as Amazon, but there are likely Piedmontese beef products like beef sticks or beef jerky instead.


Now that you know what Piedmontese beef is and the benefits of consuming this kind of beef, as well as where you can buy this Italian beef whenever you crave some.

Once you have found a place that sells Piedmontese beef (or any type of meat for that matter), make sure to ask them about their meat suppliers for an authenticity check before making any purchase.

Good luck with your choice and happy shopping.