Where To Buy Organic Chicken Liver In A City Near You

Eating chicken organ meats in a moderate amount can really benefit your health because they are low in calories but very nutritious.

Chicken liver is one of the favorites, so what is better than organic chicken liver, right?

In this article, we will learn more about organic chicken liver and figure out which place in America sells this ingredient.

Let’s check it out!

What are organic chicken livers?

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Organic chicken liver is the liver from organic chicken.

So what exactly is organic chicken?

The chicken that is raised without using antibiotics, hormones, free-range, and fed with an organic diet will be labeled “organic”.

You can visit another article of us about organic chicken for better information about this kind of chicken.

Organic chicken liver has been said to have a lot of benefits because it is high in protein, iron, vitamin A, and selenium, a mineral that helps lower the risk of getting heart diseases, stroke, or high cholesterol levels.

In general, chicken liver, especially from organic chicken, is packed with many essential nutrients that will keep our body healthy.

However, it doesn’t mean you should eat chicken liver on your daily meal even though this organ is amazingly nutritious.

Eating too much vitamin A and copper, which are contained with a high amount in chicken livers can cause vitamin A and copper toxicity.

This increases the risk of fractures or Alzheimer’s.

Organic chicken liver can be sauteed with onion, fried, or ground to make pate.

And it is recommended to consume this kind of organ meat once a week for a better result.

How many calories are in uncooked organic chicken livers?

Chicken liver is lower in calories than other meat cuts of chicken.

Moreover, organic chicken contains less content of fat, therefore, organic chicken liver even delivers fewer calories.

The number of calories in organic chicken livers also varies depending on the dish that you cook the chicken liver.

For example, a serving size of simmered organic chicken livers has 70 calories, and when it is served as a pate, an average serving size will be only 25 calories.

How to choose the best fresh organic chicken livers?

If you are wondering how to choose the best organic chicken liver, the following tips will help:

1. Buy organic chicken liver from a reputable store

The first and most important thing is to look for a reputable place to buy this ingredient.

Normally, you can buy this organ meat from a store that also sells organic chicken.

They will separate meat cuts like breasts, wings, and thighs with organ meats, including livers, hearts, and kidneys.

Ask other consumers who have had experiences in buying organic chicken or chicken liver if possible.

2. Buy fresh or air-chilled organic chicken livers instead of the frozen livers

Be aware of frozen chicken livers because they might be stored a long time ago and immersed in chemicals to remove the rotten flavor.

Buy fresh or air-chilled organic chicken liver instead so that you can control how fresh it is.

3. Green livers are not harmful

Mary's Chicken, Chicken Liver Organic Step 3, 16 Ounce

Many people are afraid of buying green chicken livers because they think these livers might be contaminated and can make you poisoned.

By the way, green livers are not livers that are completely green, but a green shade when seen ​​under certain lighting conditions.

Normal chicken livers will have a deep mahogany red, and the green hue is caused by the bile leaching out from the gallbladder and into the liver.

Due to aesthetic reasons, green livers don’t regularly appear on the market, but if you have just bought some chicken livers that have a green shade, don’t panic.

Where can I buy fresh organic chicken liver?

Organic chicken livers can be purchased in the following places:

1. Local butcher or farmers’ market

You can look for organic chicken liver in a local butcher or farmer’s market.

If you know the butcher or farmer, call them ahead to ask them to save all the livers from organic chicken within a day in their stores so that you can get the freshest organic chicken livers at a reasonable price.

2. Organic store or supermarket

Organic chicken livers can be found in an organic store where organic food is sold, and in a large chain supermarket like Whole Foods Market, Walmart, or Costco.

Try to look for a fresh package of organic chicken livers instead of a frozen one.

3. Online

Mary's Chicken, Chicken Liver Organic Step 3, 16 Ounce

If you are thinking about buying fresh chicken livers online, unfortunately, you will find organic chicken liver products, such as chicken pate instead.

There are a few manufacturer package chicken livers in a jar to sell them online, but we recommend heading to a store to check the quality of the organ for a better result.


Organic chicken liver is a great way to get some healthy protein into your diet.

It is also low in calories and contains tons of vitamins and minerals that can improve your health.

This tasty and nutritious ingredient is easy to find at your local farmers’ market or grocery store and be sure to wow your guests with its mild yet rich flavor.

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