Where To Buy Kobe Beef Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Kobe beef comes from a cow that has been raised in the Kobe region of Japan.

The cattle are given beer, sake, and massaged regularly to produce tender meat.

Kobe beef is often served as an expensive dish at restaurants or sold in stores for high prices.

This article will list where you can buy kobe beef online and offline so you don’t have to break your budget for this delicious food!

What is kobe beef?

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Kobe beef is one of the most expensive and sought-after types of beef in the world.

It’s not actually a type of meat, it refers to a specific breed that originated from Kobe, Japan.

The cows are massaged with sake or beer before being slaughtered because this process supposedly makes their muscles more tender, resulting in an even higher quality beef product.

If you’re thinking about trying some kobe steak for yourself, think again – it will cost you upwards of $150 per pound on average!

Delicious though it may be, only 20 pounds are available each year worldwide.

How much calorie is in kobe beef?

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The average Kobe steak has about 400 calories per 3 oz serving which equates to about 1/2 pound of meat on your plate (which typically contains around 2000-2500 calories).

So yes, while it might have less than half the amount of calories as other cuts like ground chuck or sirloin, those 400 calories can still add up quickly when eaten with other types of food throughout the day.

How to choose the best kobe beef?

Sometimes, it is difficult to know what kind of Kobe beef you are buying.

But in this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to buy the best type of Kobe beef for you.

1. Determine what grade of Kobe beef that you want

You must first identify what grade of quality that you want.

There are four grades: A5, A4+,A3+ and B- or lower.

The higher the number is on this scale, then higher standard was set for its meat content and thickness in marbling

2. Consider it’s marbling and fat content

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The best way to judge kobe beef quality is by marbling – or how fat the meat has been distributed throughout the steak.

The more white veins in your steak, the higher its grade will be

3. Look at the color of Kobe Beef

You can tell if you have good quality kobe beef by looking at it’s color too – it should be deep red with a bright cherry-red hue around edges.

If not, then that means that there isn’t enough fat in your meat for it to look good.

4. Check for any black spots on the outside or inside of the steak.

Black spots on kobe beef are a clear sign of spoilage, so look for any black marks to avoid purchasing spoiled products.

Do not eat anything with visible mold or dark patches because this can cause food poisoning.

Where to buy kobe beef?

Kobe beef is a type of Japanese Wagyu beef, so it’s not something you can find at your local Wal-Mart.

But don’t worry!

Here are some places where you can buy Kobe Beef.

1. Grocery stores

The best place to purchase Kobe beef is in a grocery store.

Grocery stores will typically sell it along with other types of steak, and shoppers can usually find the cuts they need for an affordable price.

2. Specialty butcher shops

Specialty butcher shops- these stores usually have a good selection of meats from all over the world including kobe beef!

It might be pricier than what they’re used too but often times customers will go back multiple times in order to purchase more since their first experience was so amazing.

3. Online retailers (Amazon, eBay)

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There are many places to buy kobe beef, but some of the best options for online purchase include Amazon and eBay.


Today, you can find Kobe beef in many places both online and offline.

It is a luxury meat that comes with an expensive price tag, but it’s also one of the most tender meats available on the market today.

We hope this article has helped to answer any questions about where kobe beef is sold.

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