Where To Buy Chicken Mince Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Chicken mince has become popular because people are looking for healthier alternatives to beef.

Due to this fact, chicken mince has been a sought-after that many people hunt during the sale season.

If you are looking for a store that sells the best chicken mince, this post is for you.

Now, let’s learn more about chicken mince and its nutrient fact, as well as where to buy this ingredient in the United States.

What is chicken mince?

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Chicken mince is ground chicken that is made out of any part of the chicken, including breasts, thighs, a mixture of both, or even includes giblets.

Chicken mince can be made by using a mincing knife, a meat mincer, or a grinder, either electrical or manual.

Normally, chicken mince is made from skinless and boneless meat cuts.

This is a more economical and healthier substitute for beef mince or pork mince.

In fact, many fast-food restaurants have switched from using beef patties to chicken patties due to health concerns about cholesterol and fat content in beef.

Chicken mince can be used to make various dishes, such as chicken burgers, chicken meatballs, chicken patties, or Wellington-style chicken meatloaf.

How many calories are in chicken mince?

The number of calories in chicken mince can vary depending on the meat cut.

For example, breast chicken mince will provide fewer calories than dark meat minced chicken.

In general, 100 grams of breast chicken mince contains 107 calories.

Chicken mince is also a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals which are essential for our body, such as iron which improves blood cells and calcium that support bone health.

How to choose the best chicken mince?

Choosing the best chicken mince that tastes fresh and delicious is not that hard, but this selection process does require some care and delicacy.

With the following tips, you can easily pick one of the best packages of minced chicken every time you shop for this ingredient.

1. Look for organic chicken mince

Organic is the term that is used to refer to the meat produced from free-range and antibiotic-free chickens.

This kind of chicken tastes better and is packed with more beneficial nutrients, therefore, organic chicken mince will be a great choice.

It is also more expensive so that you can buy in bulk to save more money or share with someone to get a better price.

2. Choose chicken mince that is moist but dry

Chicken mince is usually sold in a plastic package with a styrofoam bottom and plastic wrap to cover the meat.

When shopping for this ingredient, you should look for a package that is dry without any liquid in it.

Despite the dryness, the chicken should still be moist and has a glowy look.

3. It is recommended to buy air-chilled chicken mince rather than the frozen counterpart

The air-chilled minced chicken will be a better choice because air-chilling is a great way to lower bacteria and keep the meat fresh.

Frozen chicken mince is not that bad if it is properly stored, however, somehow, the frozen one tastes less sweet than fresh meat.

Where to buy chicken mince?

Chicken mince is widely sold on the market like ground pork or beef.

Due to the fact of high demand for this ingredient, now it is even more popular and offered in any region of the country.

Below are the typical places where you can buy chicken mince:

1. Local butcher or farmer’s market

At a local butcher shop or farmer’s market, you will get the freshest package of chicken mince at a reasonable price.

Moreover, shopping from these places is also a way to support local businesses.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In most grocery stores or supermarkets in America, you can find either fresh or frozen chicken mince in their meat sections.

In addition, other forms of processed chicken mince are also available here, such as chicken patties or chicken meatballs.

3. Online retailers

Chicken mince can also be purchased by the online shopping method if you don’t have time or the mood to go out and head to a store.

The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering minced chicken from Walmart.com or Amazon.com is that you need to choose a reliable retailer based on their customers’ feedback.


We hope you found this post informative and helpful in your quest to find the best chicken mince.

This is a versatile ingredient that can turn into many delicious dishes.

You can buy chicken mince in most grocery stores and supermarkets in the United States, from local stores to large chains like Kroger, Sam’s Club, or Walmart.

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