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7 Unbelievable Places You Never Knew You Could Buy Chicken Hearts and Livers!

Although chicken hearts and livers are not the most popular chicken part, they are a fantastic source of protein and nutrients.

When cooked properly, they can be a delicious addition to any dish.

If you’re interested in adding more chicken hearts and livers to your diet but aren’t sure where to find them locally, check out our blog post!

What are chicken hearts and livers used for?

Chicken hearts and livers, as the name implies, are the heart and liver of the chicken.

They are usually called chicken giblets, and they’re a popular ingredient in soups, stews, and casseroles.

Chicken livers can also be sautéed with bacon or added to a salad.

Chicken hearts are full of protein but low in fat, calories, and sodium.

They’re also high in vitamin A, iron, and many other essential nutrients, which help protect against certain cancers and benefit our health in overall.

While hearty meats such as beef or pork may be considered the main protein in most meals, chicken can be eaten for lunch or dinner; it’s often cooked with rice or vegetables to boost nutrients.

Chicken hearts and livers have a more intense flavor than chicken meat, which is excellent for adding extra flavor to your dish.

These ingredients are small, so you will need several of them for your recipes.

Chicken hearts and livers are also pretty affordable than other meat cuts, but they are not always easy to find on the market compared to other common cuts like chicken breasts or chicken thighs.

What to consider when shopping for chicken hearts and livers?

If you’re looking to buy chicken hearts and livers, it’s important to remember that freshness is key.

The expiration date should be clearly marked on the package, and you’ll want to ensure that the package itself isn’t damaged or discolored in any way.

You can also inspect the meat itself for signs of spoilage—if it looks slimy or smells bad, don’t buy it!

And if there are no expiration dates on your packages or they’re illegible (as they often are), don’t take a chance—just go elsewhere.

If you buy chicken hearts and livers without being packed and vacuumed, you can feel their freshness easier by touching or smelling them.

They should be firm but not tough, and the interior should be pinkish; if it’s brown or slimy, it’s probably spoiled.

When shopping at your local butcher shop or farmers market, try asking how long their chicken hearts have been sitting around before making their way into your cart.

Always buy fresh or air-chilled chicken hearts and livers instead of frozen ones.

Once opened, they can go bad quickly.

To keep them fresh for as long as possible, store them in the refrigerator immediately after opening them and use them within one to two days.

Where to buy chicken hearts and livers?

You should know that it is not always easy to buy chicken hearts and livers on the market.

The reason is that each chicken only has one heart and one liver, and not everyone likes the intense flavor of these organs.

If you’re wondering where to buy chicken hearts and livers, here are some places you can go:

Asian market

You can find chicken giblets at your local Asian market.

Organ meat is widely consumed in Asian cuisine, so it is easy to understand why chicken hearts and livers can be found in Asian markets without any fuss.

If you don’t have an Asian market near your home, then try looking for one online.

You can find a list of local Asian markets on the internet, but it’s best to find one close to where you live so that you can come in person and test the freshness of the chicken giblets.

Farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are also a great place to find poultry hearts and other organ meats like calf brains.

These markets are usually held in the suburbs, so you may need to drive a little further if you live in a city.

If there is one near your home, this should be your first stop when looking for chicken giblets at a more reasonable price.

Butcher shop

A butcher shop might also have chicken hearts and livers.

Some butcher shops will also be able to sell you chicken giblets for a lower price than a poultry farm or farmers’ market.

You can ask around in your neighborhood to find out which butcher shops offer this service.

If the butcher shop doesn’t have any chicken giblets in stock, then you may be able to order them from the shop or ask if they can order some for you.

Grocery store

Maybe you prefer buying from grocery stores with prepared foods sections because it is more convenient and available in your neighborhood.

While this option may not be as fresh as other places listed above, it’ll still give you access to these tasty morsels without having to go through too much effort in preparation or cooking time.


Hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea of where to buy chicken hearts and livers.

As you can see from our guide above, there are plenty of health benefits from eating these organ chicken parts.

Although they are not as popular as other meat cuts, you can still find them sold in several places like your local farmers’ markets, butcher shops, Asian markets, or even in grocery stores.

So don’t be afraid: go ahead and explore all of these options to enjoy this tasty food item in your next meal!

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