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7 Amazing Places to Get the Best Poussin Chicken – You Won’t Believe #4!

This blog post will be about where to buy poussin chicken, which seems to be a great alternative for regular big chicken that sometimes tastes so bland and chewy.

If you want to spice up your family menu with something both familiar and new, then it’s worth giving poussin chicken a try.

Let’s figure out what exactly poussin chicken is and where to find it on the market.

What is poussin chicken?

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Poussin is a term to refer to young chicken that has been bred for its tender meat and delicate flavor.

There are many different types of poussin chickens, each with its own unique characteristics.

Poussin chickens must be less than 28 days old when they are slaughtered, and usually weighing about 400 to 450 grams or less than 750 grams.

Poussin is commonly consumed in 54 sovereign states of the Commonwealth of Nations association.

In the United States, this term is also used as an alternative name for a small-sized cross-breed chicken called Cornish game hen, which is usually double in size than the typical British poussin.

The most common preparation involves stuffing the bird with butter and breadcrumbs before roasting or grilling it.

How many calories are in poussin chicken?

Normally, a serving size of this kind of meat is an entire poussin chicken per person.

Therefore, you will have meat, skin, and bones at the same time.

On average, one raw poussin chicken will provide us with 200 calories, while one roasted poussin will deliver a bit more calories, mostly from the seasoning spices and accompanying ingredients like breadcrumbs or butter.

Compared to a serving size of a single cut of regular chicken breast, poussin chicken is a bit higher in calories, but its succulent, tender texture and delicate flavor are really worth it.

You can serve roasted poussin chicken with some kinds of salads like greens salad or fruit salad to obtain more minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits.

How to choose the best poussin chicken?

In North America, poussin is considered fancy because this young bird is sold at a higher price than regular chicken.

Therefore, to not waste your money, let’s take a look at the following tips and choose the best poussin chicken that is worth what you have to pay:

1.   Look for birds that are plump, not skinny or misshapen

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose a young bird that is plump, not skinny or misshapen.

A plump poussin should have a firm texture when touched, which means the bird has more meat, not plump by water.

2.   Choose a bird with a uniform shape and appearance

Although this factor doesn’t affect the taste of the poussin chicken, it is about aesthetic purposes.

Especially when you are serving this dish to your guests on a special occasion like Thanksgiving.

By choosing a uniform bird, you can create an eye-catching and mouth-watering dish that everyone wants to take a bite of as soon as they see it.

3.   Check the label on the package to make sure you are buying real and fresh poussin chicken

When shopping for poussin chicken, you should check the label of the package for authenticity.

It should have sharp and dedicated inscriptions printed on the label that looks much more professional than the counterfeit one.

4.   Consider the size of the poussin chicken that suits your consumption ability

Poussin chicken typically weighs less than 750 grams, but averagely around 400 to 450 grams.

However, not all poussin chicken on the market has the exact same size, therefore, you should look for the one with a suitable size so that you can eat it all in one meal.

Having leftovers is wasteful and it may not taste as good as initially the next time you eat it.

Where to buy poussin chicken?

Poussin chicken is not as widely sold as regular chicken, therefore, if you want to give this chicken alternative a try, here are some places where you probably find it: 

1.   Fresh food markets

If you are living in the area with a largely Hispanic, Asian community or either one of the Commonwealth nations like Canada, India, or Bangladesh, chances are they will have fresh food markets which sell poussin chicken, at a much lower price than what you would pay at a grocery store.

2   Specialized meat store (both online and offline)

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Don’t mistake this kind of chicken with the American cross-breed Cornish game hen.

Look for poussin chicken in a specialized meat store, in which they have this food item in their offline and online stores (through websites).


Whether you buy them fresh or frozen, just make sure they are USDA-approved for quality assurance purposes.

Poussin chickens come in different sizes so if you have any dietary restrictions, there might be some options available for you too!

You don’t need more than about 30 minutes of cooking time for these birds either which makes them perfect for busy weeknights when all we really want is an easy meal with lots of flavors.

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