What Does Tandoori Chicken Taste Like?

what does tandoori chicken taste like

Tandoori chicken is a simple but exotic dish prepared with spices and yogurt.

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It looks beautiful, it smells wonderful, and it tastes great.

This article describes the taste of tandoori chicken in detail.

What is special about tandoori chicken?

So, what is it that makes tandoori chicken so special?

The answer lies in the marinade.

Tandoori chicken is typically made with a mixture of yogurt and an assortment of spices (including ginger, garlic and garam masala).

The chicken pieces are then left to soak in this marinade for hours before being grilled over high heat inside an Indian tandoori oven.

Once cooked, the tandoori chicken is served with naan or other flatbreads and garnished with cilantro leaves or chopped onions.

Tandoori chicken can be made at home if you have access to a backyard grill or kitchen oven; however many restaurants also serve it alongside other authentic Indian dishes like kabobs, curries and biryani rice pilafs.

Is chicken tikka tandoori spicy?

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That’s a tough one.

Spicy is a relative term and everyone has their own idea of what hot means.

But if you’re looking for a baseline, chicken tikka masala is usually milder than tandoori chicken because it’s made with tomatoes instead of yogurt.

So how spicy is tandoori chicken?

That depends on the restaurant or person preparing it, but generally speaking, it can range from not very spicy at all to pretty darn fiery for some people (even though others might consider it mild).

Don’t worry—you’ll probably be able to find something that works for your spice tolerance level at most restaurants!

What is the flavor of tandoori?

Tandoori chicken is a type of chicken dish, cooked in a tandoor.

This means that the meat is marinated in yogurt and spices for up to 24 hours before being placed inside the clay oven.

The chicken cooks for about an hour, during which time it absorbs all those lovely flavors from its marinade.

If you’re wondering what tandoori tastes like, let me tell you: It’s tasty!

The spices give it a unique flavor that makes it unlike any other kind of meat dish (besides maybe another one made with yogurt).

How would you describe the taste of tandoori chicken?

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Tandoori chicken is a dish that has been enjoyed by people for years.

It’s an Indian dish, but it can be found in many other countries as well.

The taste of tandoori chicken is unique and unlike any other food on the planet.

The first thing you’ll notice when you eat tandoori chicken is its smoky flavor, which comes from the use of wood to cook it in a clay oven called “tandoor.” Tandoori chicken also has a spicy flavor, thanks to its use of red pepper powder or paste and garlic paste or powder.

Tandoori chicken has just enough sweetness to balance out all these spicy flavors; this sweet element comes from yogurt marinated in spices such as cinnamon or cardamom (also known as elaichi).

Yogurt makes up about 20% of the recipe by weight!

Finally, there are some sour notes in tandoori recipes: lemon juice provides these sour notes along with tomatoes and tamarind paste/sauce (which is made from tamarind fruit).

Finally—you guessed it—there are also salty notes because salt is added during cooking time!

How should tandoori chicken taste like?

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular Indian dishes.

It’s a staple in South Asian kitchens and can be found on the menus of restaurants throughout America.

While most people are aware of its existence, not everyone knows what tandoori chicken tastes like.

If you’re wondering how this dish should taste, here’s an overview.

Tandoori chicken should be mildly spicy (but not too hot).

That being said, it shouldn’t be bland or boring either—it should have some heat to it!

For example: if you eat some tandoori chicken and find that all you taste is spice, that means your meal was over-seasoned; however if your meal has just enough spice to make your mouth tingle but not enough for any heat to build up in there then we’d say that’s pretty close to perfect!

Similarly if someone asks where they can get good tandoori around town then chances are we’ll recommend somewhere with good flavor AND great levels of spiciness so there’s always something exciting going on when eating out at local restaurants instead just sticking with bland foods all day long…


The next time you come across tandoori chicken on a menu, don’t hesitate to try it out.

You may just find that the unique flavor and tenderness of this dish will make it one of your favorite Indian recipes.