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7 Delicious Vegan Alternatives to Chicken Base That You Have to Try!

If you have been looking for a chicken base substitute that is vegan-friendly, we are here to tell you that there are many options that can help.

We have compiled a list of the four best vegan chicken base replacements that have the closest use to the real thing.

Before jumping to that section, let’s learn more about the chicken base.

What is chicken base?

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Chicken base is essentially a concentrated form of chicken stock that is well-seasoned.

Normally, the chicken base also comes with some ground-cooked chicken meat.

The chicken base can be used as the foundation for soups, sauces, and gravies.

It is also perfect for adding flavor to meaty dishes like casseroles or stews.

The chicken base can be made at home by simmering chicken stock until the texture is more concentrated and the flavor is bolder.

Otherwise, it can be bought from any grocery store or supermarket.

However, keep in mind that canned chicken base is often packed with a certain amount of preservatives and additives, and it also has high sodium content that is not ideal for your heart health if consumed for a long time.

Can you substitute chicken base with a vegan alternative in cooking recipes?

Normally, it is relatively easy to find a substitute for different kinds of stock, broth, or base.

It is also true of chicken base.

If you are a meat-lover, you can opt for a beef base or pork base that is made the same way but with different kinds of meat and bones.

However, in this article, we are going to delve into the healthier option that vegetarians and vegans are looking for, which is vegan-friendly chicken base alternatives.

And yes, you can also easily find a meatless replacement to alternate chicken base in different cooking recipes without sacrificing the flavor or texture of the dish.

What vegan substitutes can you use in place of the chicken base?

If you want to eat healthier and cut down your animal protein intake, let’s try the following vegan chicken base substitutes:

1.    Concentrated vegetable stock

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Concentrated vegetable stock is an easy way to go if you want to replace the chicken base with a plant-based ingredient.

Vegetable stock is often made from aromatic vegetables like onion, carrot, and celery with other herbs to enhance the flavor.

Concentrated vegetable stock is made by reducing the stock so that it achieves a thicker consistency and stronger flavor.

You can easily buy canned vegetable stock from any grocery store and concentrate it at home, or you can also purchase the store-bought vegetable base that is ready to be served right from the container.

If you want to make everything from scratch, just make sure you have some essential vegetable ingredients and some time to simmer the stock.

This vegan version is much healthier because it is low in calories and fat while being rich in many vitamins and minerals.

2.    Mushroom stock

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Another vegan option to substitute for the chicken base is mushroom stock.

Since mushrooms have a strong flavor on their own, you can use the stock form in place of the base form.

Oyster mushrooms are the most popular kind of mushrooms used to make stock.

Just simply simmer them with or without some fragrant veggies like carrot, celery, onion, spices, and herbs to result in a flavorful and nutritious stock that can be used in any recipe that calls for the chicken base.

One plus thing is that mushrooms have a meaty texture, so just serve mushroom chunks with the liquid so you can feel like you are eating meat.

3.    Miso paste

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Miso paste is a staple in Japanese cuisine.

It can be used as a vegan substitute for the chicken base.

Miso paste is typically made by fermenting soybeans with a koji mold.

It has soy, umami, and salty-sweet flavor.

Miso paste will go well with any Japanese dish, but if you want to try this soy-based ingredient in your American diet, try with a small quantity first.

4.    Soy sauce and peanut butter

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The last suggestion would be a mixture of soy sauce and peanut butter.

You might be surprised, but it literally works in any soup or stew recipe that calls for the chicken base.

Peanut butter gives it a rich taste and thick texture, while soy sauce adds special umami and savory flavor.

And the most important thing is that it is completely vegan.

So why not give it a try?

The bottom line

Chicken base is a staple in many kitchens, but if you want to go vegan, there are many vegan-friendly chicken base alternatives that can surprise you.

From vegetable stock to a simple mixture of soy sauce and peanut butter, you can flavor your soups or stews without any fuss.

No need to worry about missing out on anything anymore because these vegan chicken base substitutes will be just as delicious and satisfying!

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