Turkey Sausage Vs Chicken Sausage: What’s The Difference?

turkey vs chicken sausage

Sausage can be made with different types of meat.

Turkey sausages are often used as an alternative to chicken sausage because they contain less fat and calories but just as much flavor.

Some people prefer turkey sausage for religious reasons, while others eat it simply for the health benefits.

This blog post will compare and contrast these two types of sausages so that you can decide which is best for you or your family’s needs.

What is special about chicken sausage?

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Chicken Sausage is a delicious sausage that’s made with all-natural chicken breast and spices.

It has a great taste and texture, making it perfect for breakfast or lunch sandwiches.

Chicken sausage can also be used as an ingredient in many dishes like pasta sauce, casseroles, or even tacos.

Chicken sausages are high in protein but low in fat which makes them more appealing to those who watch their diet closely.

They’re also gluten free!

What is special about turkey sausage?

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Turkey sausage is a type of sausage that is typically made from ground or finely chopped turkey, pork and beef.

It has many different varieties such as traditional, spicy, sage and apple.

The meat mixture for turkey sausages may also include salt, pepper, marjoram and thyme to give it flavor.

What sets this type of sausage apart from others is that it does not contain any poultry skin which can make the product too dry when cooked.

There are many ways to enjoy this product including in omelets or on top of French toast! 

What are the differences between chicken sausage vs turkey sausage?

Have you ever had a choice between chicken sausage vs turkey sausage? If not, now is your chance to be enlightened.

There are many differences in the two varieties of sausages and this table will show you.

 Chicken sausageTurkey sausage
TextureThe texture of chicken sausage is more like a ground meatTurkey sausage has a smoother and finer texture
FlavorThe flavor of chicken sausage can be spicy or sweetThe flavor of turkey sausage can be spicy or mild
Nutritional value– Chicken sausage is higher in fat and cholesterol than turkey sausage – Chicken sausages have more sodium than turkey sausages– Turkey sausage has a higher protein content than chicken sausage – Turkey sausages are typically lower in sodium than their counterparts
SeasoningChicken sausages are typically seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, thyme or sageTurkey sausages may be flavored with cumin or fennel seeds
PriceChicken sausage is cheaper than turkey sausage. It’s price ranges from $3-$5 per poundThe price of turkey sausage ranges from $6-$8 per pound

What are the similarities between chicken sausage vs turkey sausage?

This blog post will give you an overview of the similarities between these two types of sausages.

1. Both contain high protein

Chicken sausage and turkey sausage are both great sources of protein.

They’re also rich in flavor, which is sure to please any meat-eater or vegetarian trying not to miss out on the taste they crave!

2. Both also have a high fat content

You might be wondering what type of sausage is best for you.

Chicken and turkey sausages are both high in fat content, but they have different types of fats that may influence your decision.

3. Both are popular breakfast items

Both chicken sausage and turkey sausage are popular breakfast items, but each is made in a slightly different way to produce the desired flavor profile for that type of meat.

4. They’re both often flavored with garlic or other herbs

Chicken sausage and turkey sausage are often flavored with garlic or other herbs, so it’s not surprising that some people find these flavors unpleasant.

Which one is better?

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When it comes to flavor, the answer is a matter of personal taste.

But when you are looking at nutrition and health benefits, turkey sausage may be better for your waistline and blood pressure.

It has less fat and sodium than chicken sausage does, but more protein (and in turn fewer calories).

If you’re on board with picking healthier meats for breakfast or lunchtime sandwiches, then turkey sausage might be the way to go!

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