What The Difference Between Chicken Tikka And Chicken Tandoori?

A key difference in Indian cooking is the type of marinade used to flavor the meat.

When it comes to differentiating chicken tikka and tandoori, do you really know how?

Don’t worry, this article will satisfy any chicken-lover by providing useful information about these two delicious dishes and weigh down to see which one is better.

What is chicken tikka?

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Chicken tikka is a popular Indian dish that consists of grilled chunks of marinated chicken.

It is traditionally served with naan bread and sides such as raita, onion salad, cucumber yogurt dip, and chutneys or pickles.

The word “tikka” comes from the Persian word for “pieces.”

Tikka is made by marinating pieces of chicken in yogurt and spices before cooking them on a skewer over an open flame.

The meat is then blended with tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and cilantro to create this delicious dish.

What is tandoori?

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Tandoori is a type of Indian cuisine that originated in the Punjab region.

It consists mainly of chicken, lamb, or fish cooked over an open flame and baked in clay ovens called tandoors.

Tandoori chicken is an Indian dish that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Its name comes from the tandoor clay ovens that are typically used to cook it.

The cooking process involves marinating the chicken in yogurt or a thick sauce, which gives it its distinctive red color and rich flavor.

What are the differences between chicken tikka vs tandoori?

1. Chicken tikka uses 1oneless chicken pieces while tandoori can work with the whole thigh, wing, or any part of the chicken

When a cook wants to create an Indian dish from chicken, they can choose between chicken tikka or tandoori.

Chicken tikka is made with boneless pieces of meat and the spices vary by region while all regions for this style incorporate yogurt.

Meanwhile, Tandoori uses whole parts of the chicken like thighs, wings, or breast as well as garlic cloves which are mixed together before being baked on the oven at high heat for about 20 minutes.

This difference allows you to choose the proper dish for family members.

For example, kids and the elderly might prefer chicken tikka due to the lack of bone and small pieces of meat, which make them easier to chew.

2. How they’re prepared

The difference between these two dishes lies in the way they are prepared – chicken tikka is grilled over the brazier while tandoori is grilled or roasted over an open flame on the conventional Indian clay oven

The chicken tikka is made by grilling the meat over a gas or charcoal brazier, while the tandoori dish uses an open flame on clay ovens.

These two preparations sound the same, but they are different in many ways and both provide unique flavors to your palette.

The way these dishes were prepared will determine how they taste when you eat them.

3. Main course vs full meal

Chicken Tikka can be served as part of a main course meal or as an appetizer for guests to enjoy before their dinner arrives; whereas Tandoori can be served with rice and naan breads to make it into a full meal that includes all three food groups (protein, carbs, veggies).

Due to this difference in the serving purpose, you can prepare chicken tikka and serve it as a snack to enjoy at any time of the day.

On the other hand, tandoori should be consumed with other dishes to fill your empty stomach in a main course.

4. Chicken Tikka tends to be drier than tandoori

Due to the different preparation and cooking method, chicken tikka is likely to be drier than tandoori.

Chicken used in the chicken tikka recipe is sliced into small pieces, therefore, it is easier to lose the moisture, which can be kept inside the whole chicken in the tandoori dish.

What are the similarities between chicken tikka vs tandoori?

Besides the main differences that mentioned above, chicken tikka and tandoori are actually a lot in common.

The essence of this fact is the chicken tikka is considered the boneless version of tandoori.

1. They both originated in India

These two chicken dishes use traditional Indian spices and dahi (yogurt).

These staple ingredients make these dishes more like Indian.

A variety of different Indian spices give them a flavorful and unique taste.

2. They are both delicious and perfect to eat with rice or bread

Indian consume a lot of rice and bread, therefore their traditional dishes are meant to perfectly match these grain and starchy dishes.

Chicken tikka and tandoori are usually served with rice or bread on the side to satisfy your crave.

3. They are flavorful and typically served with fried rice or steamed rice on the side

Like other Asian-based dishes, sweet and sour chicken and General Tso are both great to consume with rice.

You can simply serve with hot steamed white rice, or make the meal look more appealing and taste flavorful with some fried rice with chopped vegetables and beans.

Which one is better?

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This article has hopefully given you a newfound understanding of these two dishes and will help you decide which one to order the next time you’re at restaurant or make it at home.

Both are delicious, but there is definitely something special about each of them.

The exact answer for which one is better will be personal because it depends on your taste bud and preference.

Before deciding your more favorite option, just learn how to make authentic recipes of these two chicken dishes and give them a try, you won’t regret!

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