Sweet And Sour Chicken Vs Pork: What’s The Difference?

sweet and sour pork vs chicken

If you have never ever had the opportunity to experience Chinese food, then it’s time to experience new and delicious cuisine.

Sweet and sour pork and chicken are two popular dishes in China and many other parts of the world.

But when deciding what to make, there are two things that come into mind: what is easier to put together, and how much time does it take?

This article will help you unravel all the questions about these two Chinese dishes.

What is sweet and sour pork?

Sweet and sour pork is a traditional Chinese dish that originated in westernized Cantonese cuisine.

Now it is easy to find this delicious dish in many restaurants across the United States.

It’s sweet, tangy, and savory all at once.

The sauce is made from both rice vinegar and ketchup.

The name “sweet and sour” comes from the two main components of this dish- sweetness from pineapple or sugar, tartness from tomatoes or vinegar.

The pork meat is traditionally deep-fried before cooking in a thick liquid mixture that contains chopped red onion, grated ginger, sugar, soy sauce (or fish sauce), water or white wine vinegar, tomato puréee or ketchup (ketchup with added sugar), cornstarch or arrowroot powder for thickening the sauce if desired, salt/pepper to taste.

Sweet and sour pork is traditionally served with steamed rice.

What is sweet and sour chicken?

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Sweet and sour chicken is a staple that has been around for centuries in China and American.

The dish is made with fried chunks of chicken that are coated with cornstarch and spices before being dipped in egg whites and finally into breadcrumbs.

The chicken is deep-fried then being tossed in a thick brown sauce, usually containing pineapple or tomato ketchup as well as sugar and vinegar for the sweet and sour flavorings.

Now there are many variations of sweet and sour chicken.

It is commonly served as an appetizer because its tangy flavor creates a nice contrast to other foods.

What are the differences between sweet and sour pork vs chicken?

The comparison table below will feature the key differences between the two popular dishes in China, the sweet and sour pork and sweet and sour chicken.

 Sweet and sour porkSweet and sour chicken
IngredientsMade from pork chunks and contain pineapple chunksMade from chicken, both the white or dark meat  
Nutrient factHigh in protein but lower than sweet and sour chicken  Have more protein because chicken is white meat that contains more protein

What are the similarities between sweet and sour pork vs chicken?

Sweet and sour pork and chicken are two distinctive dishes made from two different kinds of meat.

However, they have a lot in common that makes many people might make mistakes when recognizing these two dishes.

1. They are both Chinese dishes

Sweet and sour pork and chicken are two dishes that originated in China a long time ago.

They are now not only famous in China and Asia but also throughout the United States.

2. The meat is deep-fried before cooking with the liquid mixture

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To make sweet and sour pork and chicken dishes, the meat is sliced into small pieces, coated with cornstarch then deep-fried until it reaches the crispy outer without losing the moisture inside the meat.

3. Two dishes have the same texture and use the same sweet and sour sauce

To make the unique taste of these two dishes, the recipe for the sweet and sour sauce is relatively the same.

You will need sweet ingredients (like sugar) and sour counterparts (ketchup or vinegar) to create a balanced and tangy flavor.

4. Sweet and sour pork and chicken have many variations that perfectly match steamed rice

Now depending on someone’s preference, the recipes for these two dishes can work with any ingredient you want to use.

You can make sweet and sour dishes from Turkey, shrimp, fish, or lamb.

No matter which option you will opt for, the resulting dish goes well with steamed rice, which is a staple in Asian cuisine.

Which one is better?

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Many people have always been in love with sweet and sour pork.

There are so many little pieces of meat that have a crispy outside but tender inside.

The sauce is tangy and just enough on each piece to give it an extra punch!

But others may prefer chicken over pork because it is a more common dish or their favorite type of protein.

You can’t go wrong picking either one because they are different and still good in their own way.

Let us know below which you think better suits your taste buds.