Which Type Is Better: St. Louis Style Or Baby Back Rib? We Reveal The Truth!

If you’re a fan of ribs, then you know the debate over which type is better: St.Louis style or baby back?

There are many factors to consider when making this decision.

These two different types of pork rib cuts are available at your local grocery store.

Both make great meals, but each has its own distinct flavor profile and preparation time requirements!

In this post, we will go into a detailed comparison of these two so that you get the best choice.

What is special about st.louis style pork ribs?

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St.Louis Style Pork Ribs are a unique type of ribs that are smoked with a sweet sauce and served dry.

The rib is rubbed in brown sugar, salt, pepper, and paprika before being smoked for an hour or so at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

The St.Louis Style Pork Ribs is perfect for summertime grilling when you want something light but flavorful and satisfying at the same time.

It also tastes great cold as leftovers so don’t worry about feeling like you’re eating too much on those hot days-you can always save some for later!

What is special about baby back ribs?

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You’ve heard of baby back ribs, but do you know what makes them so special? Baby back ribs are a cut from the rib cage that is closer to the backbone than spareribs.

They have less fat and more meat on them as well.

This means they are perfect for grilling or coo