3 Most Used Substitutes For Pork Sausage

pork sausage substitute

Pork sausage is a staple food in many households because it is easy to cook, versatile, and tastes great.

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But there are some people who have dietary restrictions for pork meat, which means they cannot eat pork sausage just because of their religion or personal preference.

That’s why we are going to show you the best alternatives for your classic pork sausage using other ingredients.

Let’s check it out!

What is a pork sausage?

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Pork sausage refers to a kind of processed food that has been around for centuries.

It is made from ground pork (normally both meat and fat) with spices, fillers, and preservatives.

The mixture of the filling is finally packed into a casing that is divided into two types: natural casings are made from cattle intestines (pork, beef, goat, or sheep), and artificial casings which are mainly made from collagen and cellulose.

Pork sausage can come in different sizes and shapes, but the most popular one is in a link form.

It is often cured, smoked, or dried before being sold on the market.

However, most pork sausages require to be pan-fried or reheated before serving.

Depending on the spices that are used to season pork sausage, the flavor can vary.

However, normally, pork sausage has a salty and slightly spicy taste, with a porky flavor, similar to pepperoni.

They can be eaten on their own with bread to make sandwiches like the popular breakfast dish called bangers and mash.

Otherwise, pork sausage can be used as an ingredient for many other recipes like casseroles, pizzas, or salads.

Can you substitute pork sausage in cooking recipes?

Yes, pork sausage can be substituted by many other options on the market.

Pork sausage can be made from scratch at home or bought from a grocery store, so can the substitutes.

The reason why people are looking for ways to alternate pork sausage despite its amazing taste and is their health awareness as well as dietary restrictions.

Pork is a kind of red meat that is considered not good for our health if consumed in the long term.

Moreover, store-bought pork sausage often contains fillers and preservatives, making it more harmful to our bodies.

Another example is that in some religions, like Islam, people are not allowed to eat pork just because of their religious belief in this kind of animal.

Therefore, they definitely need to find another kind of meat to substitute pork sausage.

What can you substitute for pork sausage?

So the question is what can you use to replace pork sausage without sacrificing the tasty flavor and its special texture? Check below for the best pork sausage substitutes:

1. Poultry sausage

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Using poultry to substitute for pork in the sausage is considered the best way.

The reason is you still get the same consistency and delicious flavor while still ensuring your good health.

Poultry, especially chicken or turkey, is lower in fat and packed with many other essential nutrients for our body.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that fat is one of the ingredients that provide a flavorful taste for pork sausage.

Therefore, when making sausage from chicken or turkey, you should add a bit of poultry fat, or use olive oil or butter to prevent it from being dry and bland.

2. Beef or lamb sausage

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For others who still enjoy red meat over poultry, you can use beef sausage or lamb sausage to replace your conventional pork sausage.

However, as already mentioned, red meat is not supposed to be good for our health if consumed in the long term, so you should control your consumption of these kinds of sausage.

Beef and lamb sausages usually have a stronger flavor, and they should only be treated as occasional substitutes to provide you with new tastes to spice up your meals.

3. Vegan sausage

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The good news for vegetarians or those who want to cut down the meat intake in their diets is that sausage can be made from vegan ingredients too.

You can make your own meat-free sausage at home, or there are even some brands that offer vegan sausages on the market.

To make your own vegan sausage to replace pork sausage, there are some popular kinds of vegetables and ingredients you should use like beans, soybeans, mushrooms, eggplants, flour, or soy sauce.

You can also add a bit of flavoring to resemble meat sausage.

The result might surprise you with a flavorful taste, chewy but soft texture, and the best part is it is good for your health.

The bottom line

If you are a sausage lover but have dietary restrictions for pork, or just for any reason that you cannot eat pork sausage, the aforementioned list has shown you some of the best options to cook up something similar to that classic taste.

The best thing about these alternatives is that they are just easy to cook or found on the market and they taste delicious.

You can always experiment with your own meat mixture and spices to create a unique sausage dish that can perfectly substitute for pork sausage.