Pork Roast Smells Like Rotten Eggs: Why Does Your Pork Roast Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

pork roast smells like rotten egg

Pork roasts are some ideal cuts for roasting recipes.

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However, sometimes, you can notice a rotten egg smell from your pork roast and wonder what causes it.

In this post, we are going to figure out the reasons for the rotten egg smell in your pork roast as well as learn some ways that help you get rid of this unpleasant odor.

Why does my pork roast smell like rotten eggs?

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Your pork roast might smell like rotten eggs sometimes, which makes you worry when cooking or eating it.

So before judging the meat, let’s see why the rotten egg smell can develop in your pork roast:

Hydrogen sulfide gas that is produced by Salmonella bacteria

One of the main culprits for sulfur or rotten egg smell in your meat is Salmonella bacteria.

It often appears when the meat is improperly stored or cooked.

Salmonella releases a gas that smells like rotten eggs, making your pork seem to be inedible and gross.

It breaks down the protein in the meat and when cooking it at an improper temperature, it tastes and smells funny.

Pork roast has been spoiled

Another reason that can explain the rotten egg smell in your pork roast is that the meat has been spoiled.

Chances are it is produced from a sick pig and was stored improperly in a dirty place, making the meat to be spoiled and delivering a bad smell like rotten eggs.

Is it safe to eat pork roast that smells like rotten eggs?

It actually depends on how bad your pork roast is to decide if it is a keep or a toss.

If the rotten egg smell is very strong and doesn’t seem to disappear over time, and your pork roast even comes with other signs of spoilage in the texture and color, it is not safe to eat.

However, if the pork roast only delivers a slight rotten egg smell while cooking it and evaporates after a while, it can be safe to eat if you don’t mind.

How to get rid of the rotten egg smell from pork roast?

There are some methods that can help you get rid of the rotten egg smell from your pork roast.

If you have once encountered this situation, here are our suggestions:

Buy a good cut of pork roast and store it properly

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To have the best cut of pork without any weird odor, you should buy a fresh cut of organic pork.

Choose a reputable store to purchase pork although the price for your pork roast can be a bit more expensive.

Moreover, you need to store the meat properly in your fridge or freezer so that it won’t go bad during being stored.

Wash the pork roast cut thoroughly with plain water and salt or vinegar before cooking it

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You can also wash the pork roast carefully before cooking to prevent any odor from lingering on the meat cut.

You will need plain water with some salt or vinegar to take the rotten egg smell away from the pork roast.

These cooking staples are prized for their use to remove dirt or unpleasant smells on cooking equipment or foods without being harmful to our health.

Therefore, you can easily grab some from your local grocery store to get rid of the rotten egg or any unpleasant smell from your pork roast.

Cook the pork roast at the right temperature

Salmonella, the main bacteria that create the rotten egg-like smell in your pork roast, can be killed at the right (often high) temperature.

Therefore, by cooking your pork roast properly at the right temperature, you can take the rotten smell away from your pork roast gradually, as well as achieve a succulent and well-cooked pork roast dish.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out why your pork roast smells like rotten eggs and determine if it is safe enough to consume.

If you are still experiencing this problem, try out some of our suggestions that are mentioned above to get rid of it.

Stay with us for more information on how we can help with any other food-related issues.