Pork Butt Vs Pork Shoulder Roast: What’s The Difference?

pork butt vs pork roast

Pork butt and pork roast are two different cuts of the same animal.

Pork butt is from the shoulder area of the pig, while pork roast comes from the loin or back region.

Although they are similar in terms of flavor, there are a few differences between these two types of meat.

This post will compare the two cuts to give you a better idea about which to choose for your cooking needs.

What is special about pork butt?

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Pork butt is a cut of meat that comes from the upper front leg of the pig.

It is used for pulled pork sandwiches, bacon and other cured meats.

What makes this cut special?

The fat content!

Pork Butt has more fat than any other part of the animal because it’s up on its back legs all day long.

That means it can be smoked or barbecued to perfection without drying out as much as some cuts do

What is special about pork roast?

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Pork roasts are a traditional dish that has been eaten for centuries.

They were originally made by roasting an entire pig, but today it is more common to cook just the meat rather than the whole animal.

Pork roast can be cooked in other ways also such as braising or curing and smoking.

Any of these methods will produce delicious results!

What are the differences between pork butt and pork roast?

Do you know the difference between a pork butt and a pork roast?

They might look similar, but they are two different types of meat.

Take a look at the table below: 

 Pork buttPork roast
Texture– The cut of meat from the shoulder blade and may contain a bone – The pork butt has more fat and connective tissue than a pork roast– Comes from the loin or back area of the pig and does not have a bone – A pork roast will be leaner and less fatty than a pork butt
Cooking methodThis is not usually done with a pork buttPork roasts are often stuffed with vegetables or other ingredients before being cooked
Cooking timeUsually cooked for longer periods of timePork roast cooks faster
FlavorThe flavor profile of pork butts tends to be sweeter and less salty than that of a pork roastCooked pork shoulder is typically sliced for use in dishes like pulled BBQ chicken salad
PriceIf you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, then go for a pork buttIf you want something more tender but slightly pricier, go for a pork roast

What are the similarities between pork butt and pork roast?

1. Both cuts are great for pulled pork sandwiches or slow roasting with barbecue sauce

Pork butt and pork roast are both great for slow roasting with barbecue sauce.

The different cuts work well when they’re in the oven or smoker, but you’ll likely get better results if it’s smoked rather than roasted.

2.They both have similar cooking methods but different tastes and textures when fully cooked

Pork butt and roast are both made from the same part of the animal, so they’re similar when it comes to cooking methods – just take note that some people prefer one over the other.

However these two cuts differ greatly in flavor and texture after being cooked for hours on end.

3.They’re both high in protein

Pork butt and pork roast are both high in protein, but they have different effects on your diet.

Pork roast is a lean meat with less fat than the commoners of cuts such as chicken or beef.

Is pork shoulder the same as pork roast?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: The two cuts of meat are different, but both are equally delicious.

Pork shoulder is the upper part of a pig’s front leg, and it includes the shoulder blade (or blade bone), arm bone, and rib cage.

Pork shoulder is typically cut into two portions: picnic shoulder and Boston butt.

Picnic shoulder is further divided into picnic roast and picnic ham, which are often used to make pulled pork or pulled chicken.

Boston butt has less bone than the picnic roast and has been trimmed more closely to its shape.

Pork roast is made from the same muscle as pork shoulder but weighs more per pound because it has been sliced closer to its shape and then tied into a cylinder shape (like a rolled-up carpet).

The term “roast” refers to any cut of meat that has been tied into a cylindrical shape before cooking—so if you’re going to buy pork roast at your local grocery store, make sure you ask for “rolled roast” instead of just “roast.”

Which one is better?

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Pork butt and pork roast are both great cuts of meat, but there are a few important differences between the two that should be taken into consideration.

If you’re looking for tenderness and flavor, go with pork butt; if you want less fat content or more versatility in cooking methods, try pork roast instead.

We hope our comparison has helped you make up your mind about which type of cut is right for you!

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