5 Best Pork Broth Substitutes: What To Use Instead Of It And Why

pork broth substitute

Chances are sometimes you may not be able to find pork broth at your grocery store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen or any other dishes that call for this ingredient.

With the following suggestions for pork broth substitutes, you will have fantastic meals without any fuss.

What is pork broth?

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Pork broth is a liquid in which pork meat has been simmered for hours with or without other seasoning vegetables like carrot, celery, or onion, spices, and herbs.

Pork broth is not as popular as beef broth or chicken broth, especially in European or American cuisines, but it seems to be more well-known among Asians.

Pork broth is a rich source of protein with essential vitamins and minerals that benefit our health in many ways.

However, since pork is considered red meat, which is relatively unhealthy if consumed in the long term, pork broth is also high in fat and calories.

This kind of broth can be made at home from scratch or bought from any grocery store in a can, box, or package.

It is perfect for making soups, stews, sauces, or gravies.

Is there such a thing as pork broth?

The answer is, yes.

Of course there is! And it’s delicious.

Pork broth is made by taking pork shoulder and simmering it with water until the meat falls off the bone.

It’s then strained and served as a soup, or used as a base for other dishes.

This can be done on its own (with vegetables), or it can be added to other soups or stews like chicken noodle soup or tomato curry.

Pork broth is high in protein and fat, which makes it an excellent choice for people who are trying to lose weight while maintaining their muscle mass.

The collagen in pork broth helps strengthen joints and bones—again, making it ideal for weight loss programs.

It also contains potassium which helps regulate blood pressure levels, making this great for those suffering from hypertension or heart disease.

The best part about pork broth is that it tastes delicious!

The rich flavor of boiled pork makes this dish incredibly satisfying—even if you’re not trying to lose weight!

Can you substitute pork broth in cooking recipes?

Pork broth tastes great and is versatile, that’s why it is favored by many people.

But in case you don’t have time to make pork broth or are not able to find this item in a local grocery store, feel free to substitute it with other available ingredients.

In general, different kinds of stock or broth can be used interchangeably in most cases.

Therefore, when you don’t have pork broth on hand, working with other kinds of stock (that will be listed out in the next section) will have a similar result.

What can you substitute for pork broth?

When it comes to a pork broth substitute, there are actually many options for you to choose from:

1. Pork stock

If you don’t have pork broth, then use pork stock instead.

While pork broth is made by simmering pork meat, pork stock is made from only the bones.

Therefore, you still have a similar flavor of pork, but a bit milder.

Pork stock is often a bit thicker than pork broth because there is more gelatin from the bones than from the meat, making it perfect for sauces or gravies.

Pork stock can be made at home or you can also opt for the store-bought version.

There are numerous brands of pork stock out there so just stick with the organic and low-sodium one to maintain good health.

2. Beef broth or beef stock

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You can also use beef broth or beef stock to substitute for pork broth.

Beef is another kind of red meat, and it might be easier to find a can or package of beef broth or beef stock on the market.

Beef broth or beef stock has a darker color and stronger flavor compared to the pork counterpart, but they work the same way in any recipe that calls for pork broth.

3. Chicken broth or chicken stock

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If your family’s health is the priority, then it is best to substitute pork broth with something healthier, such as chicken broth or chicken stock.

Chicken is white meat with less saturated fat, making it a healthier option for your daily consumption.

Chicken broth and chicken stock can also be used in any soup, stew, sauce, or gravy recipe.

They provide a mildly sweet taste and a brighter color, so if you want to replicate your pork broth, adding some drops of soy sauce will help.

4. Vegan broth

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For those who are looking for a vegetarian substitute for pork broth, here is your choice.

Vegan broth can be made from different kinds of vegetables like celery, onion, carrot, radish, and mushroom.

It takes less time to have a delicious pot of vegan broth, and the result is also healthier.

The vegan broth is lower in calories and fat while still being a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

It is not only perfect for vegetarians but also for those who want to lose some weight.

The recipe that calls for mushrooms will have a darker color that resembles pork broth, and it also has special umami and earthy flavor from this ingredient.

5. Water, wine, and butter

You might be surprised, but water can literally work as a pork broth substitute.

You can use a mixture of water, red wine, and melted butter (just a little) in case pork broth is not available.

Red wine will provide a fragrant flavor and dark color to your dish, while butter offers a rich taste.

This ideal will be more suitable in recipes that already contain pork meat or other kinds of meat so that it won’t lack the sweetness and flavor of the meat.

The bottom line

Above are some great pork broth substitutes that will allow for a delicious and satisfying meal.

We hope these ideas help avoid the disappointment of not being able to find pork broth in stores.

You can try all of them to figure out what works best for your dish, but in general, we highly recommend alternating pork broth with other healthier options like chicken broth or vegan broth without sacrificing the flavor.