Ground Turkey Vs Chicken Breast: What’s The Difference?

ground turkey vs chicken breast

Chicken and turkey have long been considered healthier alternatives for red meat like pork and beef.

But what if you have to choose between ground turkey and chicken breast, which one will be better for you? You will find the answer to this question in this article.

Now let’s check it out!

What is ground turkey?

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Ground turkey is a great substitute for ground beef.

Not only does it give you all the protein in ground beef, but it also has less fat and cholesterol than its red meat counterpart.

Ground turkey can be made by grinding a single cut of turkey, such as white meat like turkey breast, dark meat like turkey thigh, or a mixture of both, with some additional fat.

Ground turkey can be used for many recipes from tacos to burgers.

You can easily find some packages of ground turkey at a local butcher shop or grocery store.

What is chicken breast?

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Chicken breast is one of the most popular cuts that come from a chicken’s chest.

Chicken breasts are usually made up of muscle and fat, so they tend to be healthier than other parts such as drumsticks or thighs because they have less fat and cholesterol.

One whole chicken will typically contain one large breast, but it can also be divided into two equal halves.

It’s breaded before being deep-fried until its crust has crisped while the inside remains juicy; alternatively, you could bake or grill your chosen cut with whatever sauce best suits your taste – for example, BBQ sauce if you’re feeling more adventurous.

If you want your chicken breast to be more flavorful and have a crispy and golden outer, you can choose the cut with the skin on.

However, keep in mind that most chicken fat is found under the skin, so limit your portion of crispy fried chicken breast with skin to have better health.

What are the differences between ground turkey vs chicken breast?

Ground turkey and chicken breast differ in many ways that make you prefer one over the other.

Take a closer look at the table below so that you can easily differentiate and choose between these two kinds of poultry meat.

 Ground turkeyChicken breast
The bird’s partCan be made from one cut (breast or thigh), or a mixture of both with some additional visible fatThe upper part from the chicken’s chest
ShapeGround, usually have a string-like shape because of the outcome shape of the meat grinderCan come in different types: whole cut, ground, skin-on/ skinless, bone-in/ boneless
Nutritional contentLow in fat (compared to ground beef) but still fattier than chicken breast due to additional fat added, or if consisted of turkey thighLow in fat
FlavorMore intenseMilder
UseStir-fry with sauce to make tacos and burgers fillingUsed in numerous recipes: baked, grilled, roasted, breaded, and fried

What are the similarities between ground turkey vs chicken breast?

Besides some key differences between ground turkey and chicken breast, these two types of meat also share some similarities as listed below:

1. Ground turkey and chicken breast are rich sources of protein

Turkey and chicken are reputable for being rich sources of lean protein.

Although ground turkey usually contains additional fat compared to a whole cut of turkey or chicken breast, it is still a healthier option than ground pork or beef.

2. Ground turkey and chicken breast are easy and quick to cook

Ground turkey is small pieces of turkey, and chicken breast is the leanest cut of the chicken with little fat and no connective tissue.

Therefore, it is very easy to handle both ground turkey and chicken breast.

They generally take about 10 to 15 minutes to cook, and you will have a mouth-watering dish ready to be served.

Which one is better?

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Ground turkey and chicken breast are both great for any meal, and their major difference is their forms, one is ground and one is usually a whole cut.

Therefore, it’s hard to say which is healthier and better for you.

In terms of flavor, we would recommend trying both types of meat to figure out what suits your taste buds best.

However, their uses are different, with ground turkey is amazing for sandwich filling and chicken breast is great for crispy frying.

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