Ground Pork Substitutes: 6 Ideas For Ground Pork Substitutes That Can Surprise You

ground pork substitute

Are you looking for a healthy, low-fat substitute, or simply just something with a different flavor from ground pork? If so, this article is what you need.

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In the next section, we are going to point out the best ground pork substitutes that can wow your family and guests in your next meal.

What is ground pork?

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Ground pork is pre-ground meat (normally taken from the pork shoulder or Boston butt cuts).

Ground pork can be minced in a meat grinder, or finely chopped with a knife until it has a texture between coarse and smooth.

Ground pork can also include some added trim fat to prevent the result from being too dry when cooked.

Normally, the ratio of lean meat and fat in ground pork is 80:20 or 70:30.

This information can be found on the packaging of the ground pork produced by certain butchers.

This ingredient can be used in numerous recipes.

It can be stir-fried with other spices, herbs, and sauces to make a flavorful filling for banh mi, spring rolls, or sandwiches.

Otherwise, you can form a pork patty from ground pork, grill it, and serve it with buns and other vegetables as a pork burger for a quick but hearty meal.

Can you substitute ground pork in cooking recipes?

Normally, ground meat, no matter what kind of meat is used, has the same texture.

Therefore, it is easy to substitute ground pork in any cooking recipe with many other options.

However, chances are you will have to sacrifice the flavor of pork because other alternatives are often packed with different tastes.

You can find some options that work even better than the ground pork that the recipe originally calls for.

What can you substitute for ground pork?

It’s time to figure out what can work as a perfect substitute for ground pork.

Check below for the best ideas for ground pork alternatives:

1. Ground beef

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Ground beef is the first substitute for ground beef that we highly recommend.

Ground beef has a similar texture to ground pork, and it has darker color as well as a bolder flavor.

This substitute ingredient can work in any recipe that calls for ground pork.

However, one drawback of this option is that it is often pricier than ground pork.

Therefore, not everyone can afford ground beef to substitute for ground pork.

2. Loose sausage

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Loose sausage, or ground sausage, is another suggestion to substitute for ground pork.

At the first glance, they might look very similar.

In fact, loose sausage is ground pork that is already seasoned.

Ground sausage comes in different flavors, therefore, make sure that you read the label of the package before making the purchase to opt for your favorite taste.

3. Ground chicken

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If you are looking for a healthier option to replace ground pork, ground chicken will be ideal.

Ground chicken can be made from chicken breast, chicken thigh, or a mixture of both.

It has a lighter color and milder flavor and is low in fat.

Therefore, ground chicken is great for those who want to cut down the fat intake in their diets.

You can use it to substitute for ground in any recipe, from stir-frying to grilling.

4. Ground turkey

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Ground turkey is very similar to ground chicken.

Therefore, it can also be used as a healthy substitute for ground pork.

Ground turkey will be the choice for those who have more access to turkey and prefer its stronger flavor of it compared to its chicken counterpart.

5. Seitan

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Seitan is a popular wheat-based product that is typically used as vegan meat.

Finely chopped seitan can be used as a great substitute for ground pork that is much healthier and free of fat.

Although seitan has a mild and neutral taste, it absorbs the flavor from spices and other ingredients well.

Therefore, just season your seitan and turn it into a delicious and savory dish with no need for meat.

6. Tofu

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Tofu can act as a vegan and inexpensive substitute for ground pork.

It has a soft texture that is easily broken while stirring.

You can also fry tofu then finely chop it to resemble ground pork.

However, since tofu is typically made from soybeans, it is not ideal for those who have soy allergies.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this article has helped you have a better understanding of different replacements for ground pork that is available on the market.

Now, it’s time to decide which one is best for your needs.

Our recommendation is to try all those ground pork substitute suggestions so that you can find out the correct answer.