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Ground Buffalo Vs Ground Beef: Which One Is Healthier?

This blog post will be comparing ground buffalo vs.

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ground beef to help you make an educated decision about which type of meat is right for your recipe.

You will learn how to differentiate them in different aspects, like taste and texture, nutrient facts, and price, making the next time shopping for ground meat is much easier.

What is ground buffalo?

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Ground buffalo is a type of meat that can be substituted for ground beef in most of your dishes.

It has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.

Ground buffalo has many health benefits and tastes amazing.

It is the meat of an American Bison (Bison bison) that is leaner than regular beef and can easily substitute for beef or other types of meat in most recipes.

The taste of Buffalo Meat varies depending on how it was raised and processed.

Other names for ground buffalo include bufflehead, buffalo steak, bison burger, bison round roast, or strip steak.

You can easily find this new ingredient at your local grocery store or butcher shop, also a bunch of online recipes to cook ground buffalo.

What is ground beef?

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What is ground beef? Is it something you buy at the grocery store, or perhaps something that comes from a cow? Well, the answer to both of those questions is yes.

Ground beef can be found in plenty of forms and shapes depending on where you are looking for it.

It is one of the most common and versatile ingredients in the American diet.

It can be used as sandwich meat, topping for a pizza, or even eaten on its own with some bread.

The process to make ground beef starts by cutting up pieces of fresh meat from cows into small chunks called “trimmings.” The trimmings are then put through an industrial grinder which turns them into tiny bits of meat.

What are the differences between ground buffalo vs ground beef?

Ground buffalo is leaner and has a higher percentage of protein

Buffalo meat was originally raised in a different environment, and the result is an animal of leaner proportions.

One reason for this difference is that buffalo are native to India where their grasslands maintain less moisture than those found within other countries like America or Australia.

This lack of water means a smaller body size which translates into more protein per unit weight.

Ground buffalo is a richer, more flavorful meat that’s usually priced higher due to the low availability

The taste of the two types of meat are very similar, but many people say that they prefer the taste of ground buffalo over ground beef.

Ground buffalo, which is also known as bison meat or “buffalo beef,” has a similar taste to that of ground beef.

One reason for this similarity maybe because both types of meat are usually slaughtered at the same age and processed in very similar ways.

However, many people find that their preference leans more towards the flavor of buffalo due to its strong natural gamey flavors reminiscent of venison (deer).

The primary difference between these two types is in price; while some grocery stores carry ground bovine meat for around $4-5 per pound.

Whereas you can purchase 100% grass-fed organic buffalo from an online retailer like US Wellness Meat Company starting at only $1.99/lb

Ground buffalo is a healthier option

In general, if you’re looking for a healthier option, then go with ground buffalo instead of regular meat because it has more protein and less fat

What are the similarities between ground buffalo vs ground beef?

With the basic differences between ground buffalo and ground beef mentioned above, we believe that now you can weigh down these two kinds of ground meat to stick with your favorite and better option.

However, have you wondered if they can be greatly substituted and share any similarities? Here are some:

  1. They taste almost the same for those who don’t have a delicate taste.
  2. Therefore, they can be interchangeable in most recipes
  3. Both types are good sources of iron, zinc, and other vitamins group B

Which one is better?

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Both ground beef and ground buffalo are delicious, but they have different nutritional facts that you should take into consideration when choosing which meat to use for your recipe.

Ground buffalo has more protein than ground beef with less fat content.

It also has a higher iron count.

Whether these differences matter to you depends on what dietary needs you’re trying to fulfill while cooking the dish.

Hopefully, we’ve helped make some decisions easier for you when shopping around next time.

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking with either one today!

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