8 Easy And Delicious Ground Beef Alternatives

ground beef substitute

We all know that beef is a healthy meat option, but the prices are often outside of our budgets.

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That’s why we thought it would be helpful to share some ground beef substitutes for you and your family.

There is no need to sacrifice flavor or texture when it comes to a healthier lifestyle change.

Feel free to use these options for your next cooking.

What is ground beef?

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Ground beef is a type of meat that comes from cows.

It can be used in a variety of different dishes, but most commonly ground beef is used to make burgers.

Ground beef should always be cooked thoroughly before eating.

Ground beef comes in many varieties including lean, extra lean, and fat-free ground beef.

The difference between these meats is the amount of saturated fat they contain; if you are trying to consume less saturated fats then go with lean or extra-lean ground beef instead of regular ground beef.

Can you substitute the ground beef in the cooking recipe?

We would say yes.

Ground beef is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in many dishes, so there are plenty of substitutions for it.

For example, if the dish called for ground beef to be sautéed with onions and spices then you could replace the meat with precooked crumbled bacon or sausage instead.

If the recipe called for ground chicken or turkey then you could use shredded pork chops; even shrimp work well!

The key is to make sure that your substitution has some form of fat (like oil) since this will help keep everything moist while cooking it on the stovetop.

Be careful not to overcook your new meat though because it may get tough and lose its flavor.

What can you substitute for ground beef?

How are you feeling about ground beef right now? Are you tired of the same old dishes that usually contain it? Do you want to try something different but don’t know what else to use? Well, this blog post has some ideas for substitutes.

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, there’s a substitute here for everyone! 

1. Quinoa

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Quinoa is a great substitute for ground beef.

It has all of the same flavor, texture, and nutrients but it’s vegetarian-friendly so you don’t have to worry about adding meat back into your diet when cooking with quinoas!

2. Chickpeas

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Chickpeas can be a good substitute for ground beef.

They have an appealing chewy texture and rich flavor, making them perfect for dishes such as hummus or falafel!

3. Lentils

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Lentils are a great way to substitute for ground beef in recipes that call for it.

Not only do they have more protein and fiber, but also lengthier legumes such as lentils cook much faster than their counterparts which means you’ll be able to enjoy your meal sooner! 

4. Tofu

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Tofu can substitute for ground beef in many recipes, including fried rice.

The process of making this substitution is not difficult and the end result tastes just as good with a little extra protein!

5. Tempeh 

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Tempeh is a vegan alternative to ground beef.

It has the same texture and flavor, but it’s made from fermented soybeans which make for easier digestion than meat-based recipes!

6. Beans and legumes


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Beans and legumes are a great substitute for ground beef.

It’s not just about the vegetarian options – these plant-based foods also offer you more iron than red meat, which helps with healthy skin! 

7. Ground lamb


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Ground lamb is a great alternative to ground beef.

It’s milder in flavor, and also cooks more quickly than its red meat counterpart! Try substituting some of your usual recipes with it for an easier dinner tonight.

8. Ground chicken


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Ground chicken is a great substitute for ground beef.

In fact, it works just as well in recipes that call for meat and saves you from having to purchase extra ingredients or find an alternative way of preparing the dish!


There is no need to sacrifice flavor or texture when it comes to a healthier lifestyle change.

Hopefully, this post was useful for you and has given you some ideas about how to eat more healthily without sacrificing the taste of your favorite foods.

Be sure to share these substitutes with your family members so that they can be part of healthy life changes too!