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7 Reasons Why Beef Tastes Like Fish – You Won’t Believe #3!

Beef is a delicious and nutrient-rich kind of meat that is great for many recipes.

But when your beef tastes like fish, what do you think?

Although the flavor of fish is not a bad thing, it is definitely not what you expect to have in a beef dish.

So how to get rid of it?

Read on and find out!

Why does my beef taste like fish?

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Many people have complained that their beef tastes like fish, so you are not alone if you have encountered this problem.

So what stands behind this fact?

Below are some reasons that can cause the fishy taste in your beef:

Grass-fed beef has a slightly fishy taste

In case the fishy taste is not that strong, or you just feel a bit fishy in your tongue after each bite of beef, chances are it is because of grass-fed beef.

This kind of beef tends to contain more omega-3, which is typically found in seafood like fish and can be the “culprit” of the fishy taste in your beef.

Your beef has been improperly stored next to fish

The second reason for the fishy taste in your beef dish is that beef has been stored with fish in an improper way.

Fish has a strong smell and flavor, especially when cooked.

Either if your raw beef is not likely to have the odor of taste, but if you have improperly stored these two ingredients and let the fishy flavor penetrate into your beef, you can taste it when the beef is fully cooked.

The cooking equipment has been used to cook fish and not rinsed well

If you cook your beef and dish in the same equipment, chances are the strong taste of fish lingered in your pan/pot which hasn’t been rinsed well with soap and water.

Sometimes, your cooking equipment is clean, but if you reuse the oil residue that has been used to cook fish, your beef can taste like fish too.

Is it safe to eat beef that tastes like fish?

Don’t worry if you notice that your beef tastes like fish because it is safe to consume this dish.

As already mentioned, the fishy taste in your beef dish is just because of a mistake in the storing or cooking process.

Your beef is not spoiled or damaged at all.

Spoiled beef tends to have a rancid, sour, or sulfur taste with other signs of spoilage like mold, discoloration, or a sticky texture. 

How to get rid of the fishy taste of beef?

In this section, we will learn how to get rid of the fishy taste in your beef dish so that your beef dish will taste as delicious as it can instead of tasting like fish:

Never make use of oil that has been used to cook fish to cook your beef

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The oil that has been used to cook fish should be discarded because it cannot work the next time if you want to make something that is not fish.

Beef that is cooked with this kind of oil will be likely to have a fishy taste and make your dish less tasty.

Separate beef and fish

No matter if you store your fish and beef in the fridge or in the freezer, these two proteins should always be kept separate.

Because fish has a strong smell and taste, especially when cooked, the flavor of your beef dish will be affected by the fishy taste if you don’t keep these ingredients away from each other.

Buy regular beef instead of grass-fed beef

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As already mentioned, grass-fed beef releases a more fishy taste because of its higher level of omega-3.

Therefore, to avoid the fishy taste in your dish, you can opt for regular beef (grain-fed beef) instead.

Regular beef is considered less nutritious and tasty, as well as being more affordable, but it is not likely to have a fishy taste.

The bottom line

By now, you have probably guessed that the fishy taste in your beef is the result of improper storage or cooking.

No matter what the exact origin of the fishy taste in your beef dish is, just always make sure to opt for fresh beef, store it properly, and cook it in clean equipment.

If somehow your beef still tastes like fish, just follow our tips above and you can reduce this unexpected flavor.

Good luck!

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