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7 Reasons Your Ground Beef Smells Like Chlorine – Get to the Bottom of This Mystery Now!

Many people don’t understand why their ground beef smells like chlorine.

So before throwing the smelly ground beef away, it is better to take a closer look at it to see if you can save some money from the package of meat.

Read on to find more interesting facts about this topic.

Why does my ground beef smell like chlorine?

You may have noticed a slight chlorine smell coming from your ground beef.

It’s not a moldy taste, but instead, it smells like you’re cooking in a pool.

There are many reasons why this could happen and we will be happy to go over them with you today.

The beef has gone bad

Besides the chlorine smell from your ground beef, if you notice discoloration on the meat too like green spots or a slimy and sticky feeling to touch, this means your beef has gone bad.

The growth of bacteria can release a gas that smells like chlorine.

Beef has been washed with chlorine before being ground and sold on the market

Another reason that can explain the chlorine smell in your ground beef is that the beef cut has been washed with a solution of water and chlorine or bleach prior.

It might be allowable in some cases to wash meat with chlorine, but at a certain level.

However, it needs to be rinsed well with plain water to make sure that the chlorine flavor won’t affect your dish.

Is it safe to eat ground beef that smells like chlorine?

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Don’t be too worried if you smell the chlorine odor in your ground beef.

You should take a closer look at it to figure out the cause of this unusual scent.

If there are no other signs of spoilage in your ground beef and the chlorine smell is not that bad, it might be safe to consume.

However, if you put your family’s health priority and also notice either one of the other weird indications, you can choose to discard the ground beef and buy a new package.

How to get rid of the chlorine flavor from ground beef?

Ground beef is a staple in many recipes, therefore, nobody wants a chlorine smell in this ingredient.

If you want to learn how to get rid of the chlorine flavor in your ground beef, refer to our following ways:

Marinate ground beef with pungent condiments like garlic, turmeric, or pepper

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If you think that the slight chlorine smell in your ground beef can be fixed by cooking, then marinating the beef with spices that have a pungent flavor will be a great choice.

Garlic, ground black pepper, and turmeric powder go well with beef.

These condiments are pungent, aromatic, and easy to find.

Therefore, you can add them to the mixture of ground beef to make your dish taste more flavorful and also help remove the chlorine odor in the beef.

Buy fresh ground beef inside a good package from a reputable store

To never get the chlorine flavor in your ground beef, it is better to be more careful from the selection process.

This means you should look for fresh ground beef from a reputable store and brand.

Additionally, remember to check the condition of the package carefully before making the purchase.

It should be sealed tightly, vacuumed, hasn’t reached the best-by date, and has no sign of damage.

Discard the beef if it is spoiled

When things seem to be worse than you thought, like the chlorine smell is quite pungent and there are also other visible signs of spoilage on the meat, it’s time to discard it.

Consuming spoiled ground beef can make you sick or even get you into the hospital.

The bottom line

The next time you are in the grocery store, make sure to look for a fine package of fresh ground beef that has no visible sign of damage or spoilage.

Otherwise, try making your own ground beef from a fresh cut of beef so that you can always have the best dish coming out of the kitchen so that you will never get the chlorine flavor in your ground beef.

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