4 Best Flour Substitute For Frying Chicken At Home

Fried chicken is a staple of Southern cuisine.

There are many recipes to make this classic, but the key ingredient to having a crispy crust lies in the flour.

However, if you are on a gluten-free diet or cannot find this ingredient for your frying chicken recipe, don’t worry, there are actually many substitutes for flour that can help your dish taste like the real thing.

What is flour in the frying chicken recipe?

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Fried chicken is a delicious dish that is popular all over the world.

Although it is easy to order some pieces of fried chicken from any fast-food restaurant no matter where you are, many people tend to make their own fried chicken at home.

To make the crispiest fried chicken, you will need flour, normally plain or all-purpose flour for coating the chicken.

All-purpose flour is made by milling hard and soft wheat with a ratio of 80:20.

This is the most commonly used flour in cooking because of its mild flavor that will not change the flavor of the main ingredient.

The flour helps the batter stick to the chicken and gives it a light and crispy crust.

It also helps keep the moisture inside the meat so you will get tender and juicy fried chicken.

You can dredge the chicken directly in the mixture of fried flour and spices, or create a batter from flour, water, spices, and herbs to coat chicken pieces.

Can you substitute flour for frying chicken?

Of course, you can substitute all-purpose flour in the frying chicken recipe or any other frying dish.

Flour is a secret to crispy fried chicken, and there are many other choices besides all-purpose, or plain flour.

You might need a flour substitute because there is no package of wheat flour left in a grocery store or supermarket in your area, or you are following a gluten-free diet and all-purpose flour needs to be replaced.

The good news is that flour can be made from different ingredients, such as corn, rice, almond, or even chickpea.

What can you substitute for flour in the frying chicken recipe?

Below is a list of the best and commonly used flour alternatives that you can replace the conventional all-purpose flour for frying chicken:

1. Cornstarch

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Cornstarch is one of the most popular kinds of flour besides all-purpose flour.

It is also a great alternative for your gluten-free diet if you can buy pure, or 100% cornstarch.

However, this type of flour has a slight taste of corn rather than being tasteless like plain or all-purpose flour.

This might be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on personal preference.

2. Almond flour

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Another substitute for flour in the Southern fried chicken recipe is almond flour.

It has a coarser texture than wheat flour.

Many people think almond flour is the same as ground almonds.

However, the almonds that are used to make almond flour are often blanched (removed the skin) before being ground until smooth.

Almond flour is considered a healthier option for frying while still working the same way as all-purpose flour.

It is gluten-free, low in carb, but high in fiber and healthy fats.

3. Rice flour

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Rice flour is also a great substitute for regular wheat flour for frying chicken.

Instead of milling wheat, it is made from another grain crop, rice, which is more popular in Asian countries.

Rice flour is gluten-free and also has a mild taste and smooth consistency, making it perfect to use in place of plain wheat flour.

4. Chickpea flour

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You can also use chickpea flour to substitute for flour in any frying recipe.

Chickpea flour is also known as gram flour or Garbanzo bean flour.

It provides a nutty, neutral, and bean-like flavor.

Chicken flour is also commonly used in gluten-free recipes.

It is a rich source of vegan protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that benefit our health in different ways.

The bottom line

All-purpose flour is traditionally used in the breading process before the chicken is deep-fried.

There are many reasons for someone to look for a flour substitute in their frying recipe, and the good news is that they have different kinds of flour to choose from, such as cornstarch, rice flour, or almond flour.

Now, if you want to fry up some chicken for a crispy and juicy dish, keep in mind that you have many flour substitutes that can easily be bought on the market.

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