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10 Delicious Alternatives to Cream of Chicken Soup That Will Make Your Meals Even Better!

Cream of chicken soup is always a go-to option for casseroles or chicken pasta.

However, it is known as an unhealthy ingredient generally, so looking for a healthier substitute that works the same as the traditional cream of chicken soup is a question that many housewives have asked for years.

In this article, we will cover the list of healthy substitutes for the cream of chicken soup so that you can eat tasty dishes without sacrificing your health.

What is a cream of chicken soup?

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Cream of chicken soup is a creamy soup that is made from butter, chicken stock, milk, flour, and spices.

There might be some cooked chicken pieces in this soup for a meaty mouthfeel.

Cream of chicken soup has a creamy consistency, not too thick nor watery.

It is flavorful, buttery, and has the taste of chicken.

This soup can be easily made at home or bought in a processed can from any grocery store or supermarket.

The texture of cream of chicken soup can be easily adjusted per preference, by adding more milk if you want it to be thinner, or more flour to thicken it.

Cream of chicken soup is perfect to enjoy on its own because it contains all the flavors and ingredients for a hearty dish.

Otherwise, it is a great ingredient for dishes like casseroles, chicken pasta, chicken pot pies, or chicken mac and cheese.

Can you substitute cream of chicken soup in cooking recipes?

Why are people searching for a way to replace the cream of chicken soup?

The reason is they want to eat healthier but cannot give up on the creamy and delicious taste of cream of chicken soup.

Despite the amazing taste and versatile uses of cream of chicken soup, this product is packed with a high amount of fat, calories, and sodium, especially the canned version.

The good news is you can substitute cream of chicken soup with many other ingredients that are considered much healthier.

What healthy substitutes can be used to replace the cream of chicken soup?

There are a number of ingredients that can work great as a substitute for canned cream of chicken soup which is considered unhealthy if consumed too much and too frequently.

1. Homemade cream of chicken soup

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The homemade version of any dish is always better than processed or canned food.

Therefore, to turn the cream of chicken soup into a healthier dish, just swap the store-bought cream of chicken soup with the soup you make at home.

The reason is that when making cream of chicken soup by yourself, you can control the origins as well as the quantity of the ingredients, making it healthier.

2. Sour cream

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Sour cream is an ideal substitute for cream of chicken soup.

It offers the same consistency to your dishes, a rich taste, and a slightly tangy flavor.

Moreover, sour cream is also supposed to be a healthier ingredient because it contains more fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and many other essential nutrients.

3. Greek yogurt

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Greek yogurt is great to alternate cream of chicken soup although it tastes much milder than the version that is made from chicken meat.

Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, and you can add more spices to make it more flavorful.

However, the advantage of using Greek yogurt is that it is more nutritious and can help lower the risk of many common diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Condensed chicken broth

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Chicken broth is an ingredient to make cream of chicken soup.

Although it lacks a creamy texture, chicken broth can work well to substitute cream of chicken soup.

Use it as the last resort in recipes that don’t focus on the texture of the dish but rather emphasize the flavor.

The chicken broth might make your dish watery, so using condensed chicken broth is a wiser option, or just add a bit of sour cream or flour to thicken your dish.

The bottom line

Now that you know the healthy substitutes for the cream of chicken soup, it should be much easier to make your favorite dishes without compromising on taste or health.

You can use homemade cream of chicken soup, sour cream, Greek yogurt, or even chicken broth.

There might be some slight differences in the taste and texture of your dish when replacing cream of chicken soup with these ingredients, however, all can result in mouth-watering dishes with a lower fat and sodium level.

Which substitute do you think is best for your needs?

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