5 Worth-trying Side Dish Recipes For Chicken Tikka

chicken tikka side dish

Whether you are looking for something easy and quick to make or something a little more elegant, chicken tikka is sure to please.

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Keep reading to find out the five best side dish recipes to serve with your chicken tikka.

What is chicken tikka?

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Chicken tikka is a famous Indian dish that consists of boneless chicken pieces (normally chicken breast) that are marinated in a spicy mix of Indian spices like curry powder, cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper, and Dahi (yogurt), skewered on a wooden stick then grilled in the tandoori oven.

Chicken tikka has been around for centuries and got its name from the way it looks.

Tikka refers to boneless chunks of chicken meat.

The resulting dish has a nice char and a beautiful golden color with a flavorful taste.

Chicken tikka is also popular in other South Asian countries as well as Britain besides India.

What to consider when choosing a chicken tikka’ side dish?

It is not easy to pick a good side dish that can complement your main dish without overpowering it or being too bland.

There are so many options, but not all of them can emphasize your chicken tikka.

To make sure you have the perfect side with your favorite Indian food, consider the following tips:

Consider between a meat-based or meat-free side dish

There are many side dish options when it comes to chicken tikka.

However, you should consider if you want a meat-based or meat-free side dish to pair with your chicken tikka depending on your diet restriction or taste bud preference.

Chicken tikka goes best with a veggie side dish

Eating vegetables is packed with many health benefits.

Therefore, when you already have a meat dish, it is best to serve this dish with a vegetable-based accompaniment so that you can make your meal healthier with added nutrients from greens.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken tikka

Now, it’s time to check the five best side dishes that go perfectly with your chicken tikka:

1.     Naan bread

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Naan bread is a staple in Indian cuisine.

It is often served alongside any Indian savory dishes, from grilled meat to curries to work as an edible utensil to scoop up foods due to the eating habit of Indians with their right hands.

Naan bread is easy to make from inexpensive ingredients, so it can appear in any family from different classes.

2.     Rice

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Another simple but that works perfectly with chicken tikka is rice.

Basmati rice is the most common kind of rice in Indian cuisine, and it can be steamed or fried with other ingredients to accompany savory dishes, including chicken tikka.

Rice is versatile and affordable, and it can help fill your empty stomach without breaking the bank.

3.     Raita

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Raita is another good candidate when choosing a side dish to serve with chicken tikka.

It is a classic sauce in Indian cuisine that is made from Dahi (yogurt) with chopped vegetables and herbs like cucumber or coriander.

The refreshing taste of this side dish can be a good addition to your savory chicken tikka.

4.     Salad

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You can also serve your chicken tikka with a bowl of salad.

There are different kinds of salads that come from different veggies and salad dressings that provide you with a variety of healthy but flavorful options.

Salads have a crunchy texture and light refreshing taste that can balance the taste of grilled meat.

5.     Curry

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Some people find grilled chicken (chicken tikka) a bit dry, so serving this dish with curry will be a good idea.

Curries also come in different types, and you can opt for chicken curry, pork curry, or beef curry if you have no diet restrictions.

Otherwise, just serve your chicken tikka with a vegan curry for a healthier and lighter meal.        

The bottom line

Chicken tikka is a delicious dish that can spice up your meal and bring Indian flavor to your kitchen.

There are many side dishes that go well with chicken tikka, and we have compiled the list of the five companions that we find best to accompany this chicken dish.

 Just choose one that sounds like a perfect accompaniment for your chicken tikka.

Happy cooking!