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Do You Know The Difference Between Chicken Wingettes And Chicken Wings?

Crispy fried chicken wings have been a favorite bar food of anyone, but do you know that we can work with chicken wingettes too to make things easier? There are some key differences between chicken wingettes and chicken wings, which will explain why one might be preferred over the other.

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Let’s accompany us and find out the answer in this article.

What are chicken wings?

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Chicken wings are simply the wings of the chicken.

Every chicken has two wings that consist of three parts attached to each other via a small joint.

The upper section of the wing that joins the bird’s body is called drumettes because it resembles chicken drumsticks, the middle part is chicken wingette or flat, and the small bottom portion is the wing tip which is mainly made of skin and bone.

Chicken wings are a type of finger-licking food that is typically served as an appetizer at restaurants, bars, and parties because they are easy to prepare in large batches.

Chicken wings are always sold with skin on and bone in because it is hard to remove skin or bone from the wings, otherwise, you will mess things up.

The most common ways to cook chicken wings are to batter and deep-fry or bake them.

After that, you can toss them in any kind of your favorite sauce, such as melted butter mixed with seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, or cayenne pepper for a spicy kick.

What are chicken wingettes?

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Chicken wingettes are the middle part of the chicken wings.

They are also called chicken flats because of their flat shape.

If chicken drumettes have the most meat and are considered white meat, chicken wing tips don’t have any meat but skin and bone, then chicken wingettes have a medium, dark meat content with two small bones running along the wingettes.

Chicken wingettes are juicy, easy to handle, and quick to cook.

They are perfect to be baked, grilled, or deep-fried in hot oil to achieve beautifully brown and crispy skin with tender and moist meat inside.

What are the differences between chicken wings vs chicken wingettes?

Chicken wingettes are actually cut from chicken wings.

However, this produces some key differences between whole chicken wings and chicken wingettes, as mentioned in the comparison table below:

 Chicken wingsChicken wingettes
PartsConsist of three parts: chicken drumettes (the upper section that attaches to the bird’s body), chicken wingettes (or flats), and chicken wingtipsThe middle part of the chicken wing
Type of meatInclude both white meat and dark meatDark meat
Ease of preparation and cookingHarder to cook and take a longer time because the whole wing has an uneven textureMuch easier and quicker to cook thanks to their flat and even shape
PriceHigher because the whole chicken wing is bigger than chicken wingettes but cheaper per poundLower but more expensive per pound

What are the similarities between chicken wings vs chicken wingettes?

Chicken wings and chicken wingettes are not completely different from each other.

They also have several things in common, here are some:

1. Chicken wings and chicken wingettes come from the wings of the chicken

So we already know that chicken wingettes are cut from the middle section of the whole chicken wings.

That means when you buy chicken wings from a grocery store, you can divide them into three separate parts that include chicken wingettes.

Every bird will have two wings, as well as two wingettes.

2. Chicken wings and chicken wingettes have the same taste and nutrient content

Another similarity between chicken wings and chicken wingettes is that they share the taste and nutrient values.

They are more flavorful than chicken breast, but less than chicken legs.

Chicken wings and wingettes are also rich sources of protein, B-vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, niacin, iron, and copper, but also high in fat because they are mainly made from the skin.

3. Chicken wings and chicken wingettes are cooked the same ways

The last thing in common between these cuts is how they are cooked.

Chicken wings and chicken wingettes are typically deep-fried, baked, or grilled.

You can optionally choose to bread them beforehand or toss them in a kind of sauce after cooking.

Which one is better?

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In conclusion, chicken wingettes are just a cut from whole chicken wings.

Therefore, basically, there are no significant differences between them.

So feel free to choose any cut that is available in your local market or grocery store to make the best crispy chicken dish.

If you are a novice cook, we recommend trying chicken wingettes first because they are much easier to prepare and cook.

Hopefully, you find our article useful in providing you the essential information about chicken wings and chicken wingettes.

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