5 Best Substitutes For Chicken Granules In Case You’re Running Out Of It

chicken granules substitute

If you are looking for a way to get the taste of chicken without having to cook it, chicken granules are a solution.

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But what if you cannot find this ingredient in your local grocery store?

Don’t worry, we will be discussing many alternative options that can help save time and money in your kitchen.

Let’s get started!

What are chicken granules?

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Chicken granules are a type of protein that is made from ground-up dehydrated chicken broth.

These tiny particles are used to add a little extra flavor without any fuss.

Chicken granules are frequently used for soups, stews, sauces, gravies, or pasta.

Thanks to the smooth texture of chicken granules, they can be directly added to your dish without needing to be diluted in water beforehand.

Chicken granules are rich in protein and many other essential nutrients that benefit our health in many ways, such as improving immune function and increasing metabolism.

However, since they are often premade and the store-bought chicken granules are packed with certain amounts of additives and preservatives.

Chicken granules help you save a lot of time spent in the kitchen while still spicing up plenty of dishes with minimum effort.

Can you substitute chicken granules in cooking recipes?

Of course, there are actually many chicken granules substitutes that work well in any recipe that calls for chicken granules.

Although chicken granules are super convenient to create a flavorful and quick meal, they are not the only choice.

Moreover, sometimes, you need to look for a chicken granules alternative just because it is out of stock in your local grocery store.

No matter what the reason is, you can easily find many chicken granules substitutes, as mentioned in the next section.

What can you substitute for chicken granules?

If you are wondering what you can use to replace the conventional chicken granules, the list below will help: 

1. Chicken bouillon cubes

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Chicken bouillon cubes are another form of chicken bouillon, which is similar to chicken granules.

Chicken cubes are pressed from chicken granules and are sold in cube form, making it more convenient when used for cooking.

Just use the number of chicken bouillon cubes that the recipe calls for and there will not be any frustration about scaling the exact amount of chicken granules.

2. Homemade/Canned chicken stock

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Another great substitute for chicken granules is chicken stock.

You can opt for canned chicken stock or homemade chicken stock depending on your preference.

For example, if you prefer the fresher taste, healthier impact, and enjoy cooking in the kitchen, you should make your own chicken stock by simmering chicken bones with other fragrant vegetables, spices, and herbs for hours.

On the other hand, canned chicken stock can help you save a lot of time spent in the kitchen, but it is often loaded with a high sodium level as long as preservatives or additives.

3. Homemade/Canned chicken broth

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You can also use either homemade or canned chicken broth in place of chicken granules.

The liquid form will always provide a fresher taste than the dehydrated form of chicken broth like chicken granules, so there is no reason to not opt for this substitute in your soup, stew, or gravy recipes.

4. Beef stock

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In case you want a twist on the flavor, swap from chicken to beef.

Beef stock is a great substitute for chicken granules.

It offers a darker color and a stronger flavor to your dish.

So make sure you prefer the beefy flavor when using this ingredient to alternate chicken granules.

5. Vegetable stock

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Vegetable stock will be an ideal option for those who want to cut down the animal protein in their diet and go vegan.

Vegetable stock can be easily made at home from easy-to-find ingredients like carrot, onion, or celery.

It takes less time to make and the result is meat-free but still sweet and perfect for soups or stews.

You can also buy canned vegetable stock in liquid or powder form from most grocery stores across the country.

The bottom line

With all of these options, you will be able to find a way that best suits your needs.

Let’s recap the pros and cons for each option so that you can make an informed decision about which chicken granules substitute is right for you.

You should also consider different aspects when using any alternative like price, preparation time, or ease of use.

From a meat-based chicken granules substitute to a vegan one, what do you think works best?