Where To Buy Chicken Croquettes: The One Spot You Need To Visit ASAP

If you have been searching for the best place to buy chicken croquettes, we have an answer for you in this article.

You will not only know where to buy chicken croquettes but also have an in-depth understanding of this comfort food.

What are chicken croquettes?

Chicken croquettes are a variant of croquettes.

They are made out of the chopped or ground chicken with chopped red and green bell peppers, creamy mayonnaise, and seasoned with garlic powder and other spices.

The mixture is shaped into small bones, breaded with panko, and deep-fried until it achieves a golden and crispy crust.

The name “croquette” comes from the French word for the crust.

Croquette can be made with any type of meat or seafood.

Even chicken croquettes can come in different flavors because of the use of various spices and seasonings from different manufacturers.

How many calories are in chicken croquettes?

Chicken croquettes are high in calories due to their ingredients, which are chicken, mayo, and the bread crumb crust.

One croquette (43 grams) will provide us with 107 calories, and a serving size of chicken croquettes will contain about two to three pieces, which means the total amount of calories per meal is around 214 to 321.

Chicken croquettes are also packed with other essential nutrients like vitamin A, B-vitamins, calcium, and iron.

However, the deep-frying method makes it less healthy because of the high fat content.

How to choose the best chicken croquettes?

Store-bought chicken croquettes only require to be reheated then ready to serve.

Therefore, the point is choosing the best chicken croquettes to ensure the best taste, otherwise, you cannot fix them.

1. Buy chicken croquettes from a reputable brand and store

When shopping for chicken croquettes, you should buy them in a reputable store and from a well-known brand.

The reason is there are more and more brands of this product, making it easier for the intrusion of low-quality.

Therefore, when shopping at a reputable store, you can reduce the chance to buy fake products.

2. Check the package of the chicken croquettes

Always remember to only buy chicken croquettes that are contained in an intact package without any sign of damage or spoilage.

If there is even a tiny hole in the package, the content can be exposed to the air and diminish its quality.

3. Buy the chicken croquettes that are made from organic chicken and fat-free mayo

Every product has its regular version and the higher quality type that is made from organic ingredients.

It is true with chicken croquettes.

If possible, it is recommended to opt for organic chicken croquettes with fresh ingredients.

A fat-free and low-sodium product will also be better for your health but still retain the excellent texture and flavor of the dish.

Where to buy chicken croquettes?

Chicken croquettes can be bought in different places across America.

Read on our suggestions below to get the best chicken croquettes for a hearty meal in minutes:

1. Local butcher

Besides fresh meat cuts, a local butcher also carries meat products, either raw or cooked.

So when you want to buy some chicken croquettes, try looking for them at the nearest butcher.

Moreover, you can get a better price for this product at this place too.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In most grocery stores or supermarkets in the country, you can find some packages of chicken croquettes in their big-sized freezer.

Remember to check the container carefully to avoid freezer burn on the chicken pieces due to a torn package.

3. Online

You can also find chicken croquettes sold online, from a simple website of a local store to a convenient and high-tech international platform like Amazon.

One thing to keep in mind when making an online order is reading the feedback from other customers who have bought chicken croquettes from that seller to make sure you will get what you pay for.


In conclusion, this finger comfort food is perfect for any member of your family because of its deliciousness and nutrition.

It will be even healthier if you can purchase the organic version of chicken croquettes.

The good news is chicken croquettes can be easily found in most grocery stores, supermarkets, or online retailers throughout the United States.

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