The Battle Of The Breasts: The Chicken Breast Vs. Tenderloin

chicken breast vs tenderloin

Most people are familiar with pork tenderloin, but you can actually get chicken tenderloin too.

When you are at the grocery store, do you ever find yourself asking which is better: chicken breast or chicken tenderloin?

This might be a hard question because many of us don’t even know exactly where the tenderloin cut is located.

So let’s find the answer by keeping reading this article.

What is chicken breast?

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Chicken breast is one of the most popular sought-after cuts of chicken.

Chicken breast is considered white meat, which sets it apart from the dark meat counterpart like a chicken thigh.

It is a cut that comes from the front part of a chicken, in the upper chest section.

One chicken has one breast cut, but normally, this large piece of meat is divided into two equal half breast cuts, which can be sold bone-in or boneless, skin-on or skinless.

Chicken breast can be cooked quickly and easily.

There are various ways you can prepare your chicken breast cut, including grilling, baking, breading, or pan-frying.

Chicken breast is packed with many health benefits, and it is such a rich source of protein but low in fat.

This makes this cut ideal for gym people, or just for those who want to eat healthier and keep their weight in line.

What is chicken tenderloin?

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Chicken tenderloin is considered the tenderest part of the chicken.

It resembles a flattened cut that runs alongside the inner breast, closest to the bone.

Chicken tenderloin is cut from two half chicken breast cuts, therefore, you will get two chicken tenderloins from every chicken.

Chicken tenderloin is thin and has a smaller size, therefore, it is usually used in breading and deep-frying recipes.

The good news is that this cut is not likely to turn dry, even if you accidentally overcook it.

Chicken tenderloin is more tender because the chicken doesn’t use muscle in this part.

Therefore, it won’t help improve your muscle like chicken breast does.

What are the differences between chicken breast vs chicken tenderloin?

Many people don’t know about chicken tenderloin, and if they do, they usually think that it is the same as chicken breast.

However, these two cuts differ in many ways.

This comparison table will give you a closer look at the differences between chicken breast and chicken tenderloin.

So that you can make a better choice next time shopping for chicken.

 Chicken breastChicken tenderloin
Size and LocationA large piece of meat that attaches to the ribsSmaller, usually strip-shape, alongside the inner breast
Type of cutBoneless/ Bone-in, Skinless/ Skin-onBoneless and skinless
TextureTender, but less tender than a chicken tenderloin Usually get dry if overcookedTenderest part of the chicken Juicier and not likely to turn dry
FlavorBland and has the flavor of seasoning and sauce you cook withMore flavorful
Nutritional contentLow in fat, calories, and sodiumHigher in fat, calories, and sodium
PriceExpensive but less than chicken tenderloinPricier

What are the similarities between chicken breast vs chicken tenderloin?

Besides some key differences between these two cuts of chicken, chicken breast and chicken tenderloin have several things in common, as listed below:

1.    Chicken tenderloin and chicken breast are nutritious

Chicken tenderloin is actually cut from chicken breast, so both cuts are very nutritious.

They are rich in protein, B-vitamins, phosphorus, and magnesium.

If you can buy organic chicken breast and tenderloin, you can also receive a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids by consuming these cuts.

2.    They are both tender and can be cooked in numerous ways

Chicken tenderloin is the tenderest part of chicken breast, which is also very tender compared to other cuts of chicken like wing or thigh.

In addition, both cuts can be cooked in a variety of methods, such as grilling, baking, deep-frying, or stir-frying.

You can serve it with any kind of sauce you want.

3.    Chicken breast and chicken tenderloin can be used interchangeably

Chicken breast and chicken tenderloin have a similar flavor profile and are reputable for being the tenderer parts than other chicken cuts.

Therefore, basically, they can be used interchangeably in any recipe.

However, chicken breast will be easier to get dry if overcooked, so keep your eyes on it while cooking to achieve the juiciest and tenderest dish.

Which one is better?

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Now that you know the differences between a chicken breast and chicken tenderloin, will you give both a try?

The next time you are at the grocery store, do not miss out on this cut of chicken because it is worth trying.

By buying a whole chicken breast cut, you can carve it at home and get the tenderest chicken tenderloin cut.

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