6 Appetizing Salads To Accompany Your Butter Chicken

butter chicken salad side dish

Butter chicken is a rich and creamy Indian dish made with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cream, butter, and spices.

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This dish makes a great introduction to Indian food.

You can serve butter chicken with naan bread, rice, and/or any of the following side salads.

What is butter chicken?

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Butter chicken is a dish that originated in India, where it is called murgh makhani.

This dish is a staple in many Indian restaurants, not only in India but also all over the world, especially in North America and Europe.

It’s typically made with chicken cooked with onions and tomatoes in a creamy sauce made from yogurt, cream, butter, and a spicy blend of spices.

Butter chicken is traditionally served with naan, rice, or raita (a cool yogurt sauce).

But it goes well with many other vegetable side dishes too.

What to consider when choosing a salad to serve with butter chicken?

When you’re serving this dish, it’s important to consider how your salad will complement the butter chicken.

So here are some things to keep in mind when picking a good salad for this Indian classic:

The salad needs to be light and refreshing

Anything heavy or overly complicated will just detract from the main course.

Moreover, the chicken dish is already pretty spicy and bold in flavor, so something light and refreshing will help cool down the heat of the main dish.

Consider the time to make your salad

You should also take into account the time that you need to prepare butter chicken and a salad side dish.

If you don’t have a lot of time and all your guests are starving waiting for your food, it is best to opt for something quick and simple but still delicious.

Otherwise, showcase your cooking skills with something special and impressive.

6 best salads to serve with butter chicken

Here we go to the list of the six best salad recipes that will nicely complement your butter chicken:

Spinach salad

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Spinach is a good source of iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.

In addition to this, it also contains ample amounts of calcium, vitamin K, B6, and folate.

The Vitamin C content in spinach helps build your immunity against colds as well as infections by boosting the activity of white blood cells that fight off infections and bacteria.

The Vitamin A content helps maintain healthy eyesight while the folate content supports a healthy nervous system function.

This salad is fresh, green, and healthy, which makes it a perfect match for the rich, creamy sauce.

The tangy dressing and strong flavors of the salad will balance out the creaminess of the chicken while adding a pop of color to your plate.

Tomato mozzarella salad

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Tomato mozzarella salad is a great choice as it is simple and refreshing, which is exactly what you need to balance out the rich butter chicken.

The freshness of this dish will be a welcome contrast to the heavy flavors of butter chicken and will help cleanse your palate for another bite of that delicious food in front of you.

If you’re not sure whether or not tomato mozzarella salad pairs well with Butter Chicken, try making some tonight!

Cucumber yogurt raita salad

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A raita is a side dish in Indian cuisine that’s usually served with a spicy main dish.

The yogurt dressing for this cucumber raita is tangy and cooling, making it the perfect complement to butter chicken.

It’s also easy to make: once you have the ingredients, it’s just a matter of mixing them together and letting them sit for about half an hour so that the flavors can develop.

Couscous salad

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Couscous is a great grain to use in a salad.

It’s high in protein and fiber, so it will help keep you feeling full for longer.

It’s also easy to prepare and can be eaten warm or cold, making it ideal for this situation!

Couscous is also a good source of iron and calcium, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for something nutritious that pairs well with butter chicken.

Kachumber salad

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A kachumber salad is a mixture of chopped vegetables, typically cucumbers and tomatoes.

Other ingredients include radishes, onions, and cilantro. The vegetables are tossed with lemon juice and salt before serving.

Serve this dish alongside Indian butter chicken dishes as an alternative to rice or naan bread.

It is an easy way to eat it by scooping up some of the chicken on your fork first, then adding some vegetables before you put it in your mouth!

Fruit salad

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Fruit salad is a great choice for any meal, but it’s particularly fitting with butter chicken.

You can make the fruit salad in advance and then use it to top the butter chicken when you’re ready to serve your meal.

Fruit salads are healthy and made from fresh ingredients, so they’ll give guests something nutritious without being too heavy on their stomachs before dinner starts.

It’s a good way to add some extra color and flavor to the meal.

Fruit salad provides a nice break from the curry and rice that usually make up most Indian meals, and it gives you something fresh and juicy to enjoy.


As you can see from our list of the best salads to serve with butter chicken, there are many options.

It is all about your personal preference and what kind of flavors you like to stick with the best option.