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The Great Debate: Broccoli Floret Vs. Crown – Find Out Which One You Should Be Using!

If you are wondering if it is better to buy broccoli florets or crowns, this article will help you.

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We will learn more about broccoli florets and broccoli crowns to see how they differ from each other and which one best suits your recipes.

Let’s get started!

What is special about broccoli florets?

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Broccoli florets are the tiny flower buds in the head of the broccoli plant where the stalk ends.

They can contain a bit of stem that is enough to hold the flowers and keep them together instead of falling out.

They have a deep green color, a tender texture, and a slightly sweet taste, making them perfect for both eating raw or cooking up for many dishes from boiling, steaming, roasting, or making salads.

Broccoli florets are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

What is special about broccoli crowns?

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Broccoli crowns are actually the head cut of the broccoli plant.

It looks like a crown, with a flowering head and a shortened stem.

Since a broccoli crown contains both the florets and stalks, it has all the textures and tastes of different parts of broccoli.

In fact, broccoli crowns are often broken into smaller pieces (broccoli florets or broccoli spears) to make it easier and quicker for cooking.

The result can be cooked in different ways per personal preferences and is packed with many essential nutrients.

What are the differences between broccoli florets and broccoli crowns?

Broccoli florets and broccoli crowns mainly differ in their appearance.

So what are the key differences that can help you separate broccoli florets and broccoli crowns?

Let’s take a closer look at the comparison table below:

 Broccoli floretsBroccoli crowns
What are they?Tiny flower buds in the top of the broccoliAll the flowering head of the broccoli with a shortened or cut up main stemSizeSmallerLargerTextureSoftSoft (of the flower buds) Crunchy (of the stem)Cooking methodCan be cooked directly in any recipe (boiling, roasting, steaming, grilling)Often need to be broken/sliced into smaller pieces before cooking

What are the similarities between broccoli florets and broccoli crowns?

The appearances (component) of broccoli florets and broccoli crowns are what the difference ends.

These two cuts of broccoli are likely to share some common features, as listed below:

Here are three main similarities between broccoli florets and broccoli crowns:

Broccoli florets and broccoli crowns are two cuts from the broccoli plant

To have broccoli florets or broccoli crowns, you will need one or some broccoli.

They are just two cuts from the broccoli plant, with the broccoli crown including the tiny florets.

This similarity also leads to other things in common between the characteristics or the way that broccoli crowns and broccoli florets are used.

Broccoli florets and broccoli crowns share the same nutritional value and flavor

The second thing in common between broccoli florets and broccoli crowns is their nutritional values and flavors.

Since they come from the same plant, there is no wonder they share the same nutrients.

Both are rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, zinc, thiamin, niacin, phosphorus, calcium, and thiamin to name a few.

They also have a bittersweet taste which is more pungent when raw and milder when cooked.

Broccoli florets and broccoli crowns are used the same way in cooking

Last but not least, both cuts are used the same way in any recipe.

The reason is that broccoli crowns are large and quite bulky to be cooked.

Therefore, in fact, no one leaves the whole crown for their recipes.

Broccoli crowns are typically cut up into smaller pieces (like broccoli spears or florets) before cooking, which means you are working with broccoli florets instead of broccoli crowns.

Which one is better?

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There is nothing better than the other because it depends on what you plan on using them for.

No matter which option you are going to opt for, we hope this article has helped give you a better understanding of how these cuts of broccoli work in cooking.

Which one will you try first?

Broccoli florets or crowns?

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