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7 Deliciously Tender Beef Cuts Perfect for Grilling: Which One Will You Try First?

This article will be about the best beef for grilling.

There are many cuts of meat that can be used on a grill, but it is important to know which ones have the right fat content and flavor profile to make your dish outstanding.

Let’s get started!

How to choose beef for grilling?

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Grilling is a perfect cooking method when it comes to winter days.

Among different kinds of meat, beef is an ideal option of meat for this cooking technique.

Grilling might seem like a simple task, but to have a juicy steak over an open flame, you will need to choose the best cut of beef.

Here are our tips that will help you out: 

1. Select beef that is well-marbled and moderately tender

Grilling is a cooking method that cooks the meat over an open flame.

Therefore, it is best to opt for a well-marbled cut of beef so that the rendered fat will moisten and add flavor to the meat.

Moreover, grilling doesn’t take hours like other slow-cooking methods such as stewing, braising, or smoking.

Normally, your beef cut will be grilled for less than 10 minutes per side.

So to make sure that you won’t end up with a rubbery dish, you better choose a moderately tender cut of beef with not a lot of connective tissues.

2. Check the color, texture, and smell of the cut to make sure it is fresh

Another tip to buy a good cut of beef for grilling is to check if it is fresh or not.

The fresher the meat is, the tastier your dish will be.

The color of the beef should be dark red but bright instead of dull, glowy, and sticky when touched.

It shouldn’t be any weird spot or smell from the cut too.

3. Consider buying grass-fed beef

You should also consider buying grass-fed beef if possible.

Grass-fed beef refers to the meat that is produced from the cow that is fed with an organic diet, mainly from grass.

This kind of meat is of higher quality and contains no antibiotics or hormones.

Grass-fed beef is often pricier than grain-fed or other regular beef.

Best beef for grilling

Now you know some tips to buy the best beef for grilling, but what cuts of beef should you look for in the local butcher shop or supermarket? Check out our ideas below:

1. Chuck eye steak

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Chuck eye steak is a cut of beef from the chuck.

It has a rich flavor and moderately tender texture, making it perfect for grilled steaks, panini sandwiches, and even fajitas.

Although the chuck eye steak is not very tough, it does need to be cooked with care.

So make sure that your meat reaches at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit before taking it off the grill.

2. Flat iron steak

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The flat iron steak comes from the shoulder of the animal.

It is another good choice for grilling because it is affordable, flavorful, and quite tender when cooked to medium-rare.

It is best to cook this cut over high heat in order to get a good sear on both sides without overcooking the inside.

If you cook the flat iron steak for too long, it might end up dry and tough.

3. T-bone steak

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If you can afford a T-bone steak, it would be great for your next grilling party.

It is a cut of beef from the middle section of the animal’s rib cage, with one bone running down its center, creating a “T” shape.

This makes it easy to identify on the market.

A T-bone steak has a perfect marbling fat content throughout the cut and some fat on the edges.

It is one of the most expensive and high-quality steak cuts that are often served in high-end restaurants.

The sufficient amount of fat makes this cut very flavorful and juicy out of the grill.

4. Strip steak

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Strip steak is a cut that comes from the back and is relatively tender as it gets little exercise during its life.

Strip steak has a heavy grain that provides a nice chew without being too tender or too tough.

It is also very delicious and grilled up with some onions and bell peppers for a quick dinner idea any weeknight.

5. Top sirloin steak

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Sirloin steak is a cut of beef from the loin and it’s one of the most popular cuts.

A top sirloin steak is quite lean, but it has a tender texture and flavorful taste, which makes it an excellent choice for grilling.

Cooking this cut on the grill will give it a delicious smoky flavor that everyone will love.

6. Filet mignon

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If you like grilled steak, you must have once desired to have a filet mignon cut.

This cut is taken from the center of the tenderloin and is considered the most desirable cut in all cooking thanks to its most tender texture that can melt in your mouth without taking a lot of time to cook it.

It is also easy to understand why a filet mignon is also the most expensive cut of beef now.

The bottom line

Our article has provided you with a great insight into different beef cuts of meat for grilling.

The list is extensive, but it should be better to find the cut that is available in your local butcher shop, affordable, and delicious.

Good luck with your choice!

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