A Thoughtful Comparison Of Berkshire Pork And Regular Pork

berkshire vs regular pork

We all know that pork is a popular kind of meat in our diet because it does not only taste good but is also inexpensive compared to other kinds of meat.

 But do you know there are different types of pork?

Berkshire Pork and Regular Pork may taste the same to some people, but they have different nutritional values and some other criteria, which will be mentioned and discussed in this article.

Let’s check it out!

What is Berkshire pork?

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Berkshire pork is the meat from a breed of pig that originated in the county of Berkshire, England, hence its name.

In 1822, an English farmer named William Cook began breeding pigs with hair and longer snouts.

He thought this would be advantageous for them to root around in the dirt for food more easily.

After many years of selective breeding, Cook had successfully created what we now know as the “Berkshire.”

The Berkshires are distinguished by their high intelligence and docile temperament which makes them well-suited to life on a small farm where they can roam freely outdoors during much of the year.

Berkshire pigs are known for their black skin, with some white dots around the snout, legs, and tail, and curly hair, which gives them a distinctive look.

This breed produces less fat and more lean meat than other breeds which means their meat contains fewer calories and less cholesterol per serving.

What is regular pork?

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Regular pork is the term to refer to the pork meat that we usually eat in our daily lives.

It is the meat from the common hog breed which is raised in most parts of the world.

Any pork cut that you can buy from a grocery store without any special term on their labels is meant to be from regular pigs.

Regular pork is often processed into small pieces of meat for convenience purposes, but whole cuts are also available from time to time, especially in the slaughterhouse so that cooks can decide how they want to prepare it.

There are a variety of ways to cook this product too; boiling, frying with herbs and spices, roasting in the oven with garlic and onions.

There’s no limit!

What are the differences between Berkshire pork vs regular pork?

Although Berkshire pork is actually just pork, this rare meat has some features that differ it from other conventional pork.

 ComparisonBerkshire porkRegular pork
OriginBerkshire, EnglandAny part of the world
Fat contentLower in fat, so it has less saturated fats and cholesterolHigher in fat
Appearance and textureDarker, leaner, tender if properly cookedWhiter, have both lean and fat sections (but fattier)
TasteIntense pork, flavorfulHave a sweeter taste
PriceHigher because it is rare and takes longer to raise the Berkshire pigLower because it is more popular

What are the similarities between Berkshire pork vs regular pork?

Berkshire pork and regular pork do share some similarities.

Let’s take a look and see if you can substitute one for another if you cannot find either one of them in the meat section at any grocery.

1. They are pork with the same porky base flavor

Obviously, Berkshire pork or regular pork is just pork.

No matter which breed you will opt for, you cannot change the fact that they taste so porky.

Perhaps Berkshire, with a higher price, tastes better for some people, but both of them are actually from the same creature in the world, with different ways of breeding.

2. They can be used interchangeably

Due to the same background taste, Berkshire pork and regular pork can be used alternatively.

Since Berkshire pig is a rare breed, you cannot always buy a package of Berkshire pork in your neighbor.

Therefore, just opt for regular pork at a lower price, and focus on preparing and cooking the meat, then you will still have a flavorful and delicious dish.

Which one is better?

Product ComparisonBerkshire Pork Tenderloin - 3x 1.5 lbsPork Shoulder Butt Roast Boneless Step 1
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The difference between Berkshire pork and regular pork is often overlooked, but it’s worth considering, right?

For the best pork experience, make sure you are getting your meat from a local butcher and not just picking up any package off the shelf.

Now you are able to compare Berkshire Pork versus conventional pork before making an informed decision on which one is right for you.

We hope this article has helped clarify some misconceptions about these two popular but confusing meats!

If you want to make a healthier choice for your family or yourself, knowing the difference in nutritional values and other criteria should be helpful.

Which one do you think is better? Let us know!