Beef Tastes Like Cattle: Why Does My Beef Taste Like A Cow?

beef tastes like cattle

The taste of beef can actually vary quite a bit depending on the cattle’s diet.

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Many people wonder why their beef tastes like a cow, which is not ideal at all.

Don’t worry, you will learn more about this problem in this article.

Let’s check it out!

Why does my beef taste like cattle?

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There are some reasons that can explain the cow-like taste in your beef.

Let’s take a closer look at the following reasons and see which is your case:

You have bought grass-fed beef

Normally, many people confirm that grass-fed beef has a gamier taste than regular beef.

This might be the favorite thing for some people, while others might find it unpleasant.

The beef has been stored improperly

Another thing that can make your beef taste like cattle is that it has been stored improperly.

For example, the beef cuts are stored in a dirty place or frozen for too long without being covered carefully.

This can change the flavor of the meat and when cooked, you can smell or taste a weird flavor that is stinky like a cow.

The animal is stressed while being slaughtered

Last but not least, if the animal is stressed before and while being slaughtered, chances are it will release a bad flavor.

Adrenaline will rush into the system of the cow when it is stressed, ruining the true flavor of the meat.

Is it safe to eat beef that tastes like cattle?

In most cases, beef that tastes like cattle is safe to eat.

As already mentioned, it is mainly due to the diet and the way the cow is butchered.

It doesn’t affect the quality of the meat at all but does make your dish less tasty.

However, if the beef comes with another sign of spoilage due to the improper storing process, including mold, or a weird texture, you better discard the dish.

How to get rid of the cattle-like taste of beef?

If you have cooked your beef and noticed an unappealing taste from it, like cattle, the following ways can help you fix it or get rid of this problem the next time shopping for and cooking beef:

Soak the beef in milk before cooking

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Soaking beef in milk for a couple of hours before cooking will help remove any bad odor or smell in your meat.

It also helps add moisture and makes your beef more tender when cooked.

You can even submerge your beef cut in fresh milk overnight in the fridge.

Add more spices and herbs to your dish

Another way you can fix and reduce the cattle-like taste in your beef dish is to add more spices and herbs to the dish.

Powdered and dried spices or herbs will be ideal because they have a more pungent flavor and can help mask the unpleasant taste in your beef dish.

The good news is that beef goes well with different condiments, making it easier to opt for a good spice or herb to your recipe.

Just make sure to add a little by little and give your dish a taste before serving to prevent it from being too salty or spicy.

Buy beef from a reputable local butcher shop

You can also opt for beef from a reputable local butcher shop.

Don’t sacrifice the flavor of your beef by purchasing cheap beef with an unclear origin.

As mentioned above, the cow if being butchered in a substandard place will be likely to result in a less tasty flavor.

When shopping for beef from a reputable store, you can know everything about the origin of the beef as well as how it is processed.

The bottom line

Beef is a staple food in many cultures, and it has a beefy and a bit earthy taste.

In case your beef tastes like cattle, it has been the problem of the diet of the cow or the way it was treated.

It is best to have a good relationship with your local butcher so that he or she knows best about the origin of the beef, making sure that your beef dish will always taste best instead of having a flavor of cattle.