Beef Rice-a-roni Tastes Like Cinnamon: What Causes The Cinnamon-like Taste In My Beef Rice-a-roni?

beef rice a roni tastes like cinnamon

Beef Rice-a-Roni is a San Francisco treat that is perfect for different occasions due to its flavorful taste and tender texture.

But when this dish turns out to taste like cinnamon, what will you do?

Read on and learn more!

Why does my beef Rice-a-Roni taste like cinnamon?

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Do you love beef Rice-a-Roni?

This American-Italian dish is easy to make and turns out to be very delicious.

But what if this dish doesn’t taste like it is supposed to be, but a cinnamon taste instead?

Here are some reasons that can explain:

The dish has been seasoned with cinnamon powder

Garlic powder and onion powder are two of the key condiments in any Rice a Roni recipe.

Sometimes, when you order the beef Rice-a-Roni from a restaurant, the chef can use a mixture of spices, including cinnamon powder.

Or if you buy the package of spice out there on the market, chances are it will contain cinnamon powder too.

Since the flavor of cinnamon is relatively stronger and more pungent than other spices, your dish is likely to taste more like cinnamon.

The ingredients are placed next to cinnamon sticks or powder

Another reason that causes the cinnamon-like taste in your beef Rice-a-Roni is simply that your ingredients are placed next to cinnamon items, like cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon has a strong odor and taste that can even affect other ingredients that are placed next to it.

So even if you don’t add any cinnamon to your dish, it can still have the taste of this spice though.

The powdered spices have been out of order

Normally, when the powdered spices are expired and no longer good for cooking, they will deliver a weird odor.

Garlic or onion powder, when spoiled, can deliver a moldy and woody flavor that is similar to cinnamon.

Is it safe to eat beef Rice-a-Roni that tastes like cinnamon?

In most cases, the cinnamon taste in your beef Rice-a-Roni is not a bad thing.

Therefore, it is safe to eat beef Rice-a-Roni that tastes like cinnamon.

However, sometimes, when the cinnamon flavor is too pungent, it will overpower the flavor from other ingredients and spices, making your dish less tasty and appealing.

In case your beef Rice-a-Roni has a sign of spoilage like mold due to the expired spices, you better discard it to avoid getting foodborne illnesses.

How to get rid of the cinnamon taste from beef Rice-a-Roni?

As already mentioned, the cinnamon taste in food is not a severe problem and it is generally safe to eat.

The only problem is that it affects or even masks the true flavor of your beef Rice-a-Roni.

So what are the ways to get rid of it?

Let’s refer to our tips below:

Keep the spices separately on the kitchen counter

A possibility is that you have picked the wrong bottle of spice and added cinnamon to your beef Rice-a-Roni, providing it with a pungent taste of this spice.

So to prevent it from happening again, make sure that all the spices are kept separately on your kitchen counter with their names labeled on the bottles.

Since these powdered spices look quite similar, you should keep your eyes on them while seasoning your dish to not end up with an unexpected flavor.

Pair your beef Rice-a-Roni with the right side dish

Another tip that can help you reduce the pungent taste of cinnamon in your beef Rice-a-Roni, no matter what causes this flavor, is to pair your main dish with the right accompaniment.

An apple pie or something with a citrusy flavor will be the best choice in this case.

Although you cannot make the cinnamon taste disappear in your beef Rice-a-Roni, when eating with a bite of apple pie or something else similar, the flavors blend well in your mouth, making your meal much better and balanced.

Add more other spices or herbs to your dish

You can also try to add more other spices or herbs to your beef Rice-a-Roni to reduce the cinnamon taste.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can add as much extra as you want.

You need to give your dish a taste after every time you add a little by little spice to make sure that it still tastes good.

The bottom line

Beef Rice-a-Roni is a filling and affordable dish to feed the crowd.

The tender texture and flavorful taste of this dish will be sure what you are looking for.

The cinnamon taste is something that is not supposed to appear in your beef Rice-a-Roni, but it is not a big deal at all.

Just refer to our post if you encounter this situation, and your beef Rice-a-Roni will always taste good.

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