Beef Jerky Tastes Like Fish: How To Take The Fishy Taste Away From Beef Jerky?

beef jerky tastes like fish

Beef jerky is a perfect snack that is portable, protein-packed, and downright delicious.

But what if it tastes like fish sometimes?

Believe it or not, this is a common complaint among beef jerky lovers.

So what is the reason and the solution?

Keep reading and you will find the answer.

Why does my beef jerky taste like fish?

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If you have a good batch/package of beef jerky, it should taste like beef literally.

However, sometimes, your beef jerky turns out to taste or smell like fish.

And there are a few reasons why this might be the case:

Many brands of beef jerky contain a lot of salt, making it taste similar to certain kinds of seafood

Most kinds of seafood have a salty taste of seawater, therefore, if you opt for store-bought beef jerky and it is packed with a generous amount of salt, chances are it will taste similar to fish.

The marinade is typically used for fish

Sometimes, this problem doesn’t lie in your beef quality, but the marinade instead.

Therefore, when making your own beef jerky, choosing a good marinade or rub is one of the essential steps.

Just ask for a guide from other people who have had great experiences with homemade beef jerky to make sure that your beef jerky will not turn out to taste like fish.

Beef has been stored with fish

Another reason that can explain the fishy taste of your beef jerky is that the beef has been stored next to the fish in the fridge or freezer without carefully covering and separating them.

Whether it is raw or cooked ingredients, fish always has a strong odor that can affect the taste of your beef or beef jerky.

Is it safe to eat beef jerky that tastes like fish?

It can be true to say that beef jerky that tastes like fish, despite being not appealing, is safe to eat.

Based on the aforementioned reasons, the main reasons for this fishy smell or taste in your beef jerky are from the spices or how you store the ingredients.

It doesn’t refer to a sign of spoilage in most cases, which means it is not harmful to eat this kind of beef jerky.

But if you also don’t believe in the origin of that store-bought package of beef jerky, you can decide to discard it.

How to get rid of the fish taste from beef jerky?

Many people love to snack on beef jerky but sometimes, the taste of fish lingering in your mouth can be a little off-putting.

Now, let’s learn some tips on how to get rid of that taste quickly and easily:

Choose a good cut of beef and spices to make your own beef jerky

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Normally, the store-bought beef jerky will have a higher chance to get a fishy taste than homemade beef jerky because you cannot decide or control what marinades and the amount of these spices are used in the recipe.

So making your own beef jerky will be a good way to get rid of this unpleasant smell or taste in your beef jerky.

Make sure to opt for fresh beef and use it immediately after bringing it from the local butcher shop or grocery store instead of storing it in the fridge or freezer.

This helps lower the chance of getting different flavors affecting each other.

Always separate fish with other ingredients in the fridge or freezer

As already mentioned, fish has a strong smell that can make other ingredients that are placed next to it have a fishy taste.

Therefore, to make sure that your beef jerky doesn’t taste like fish, you better keep it away from fish when stored in the fridge or freezer.

Always cover these ingredients tightly and completely whenever you are about to store some beef or fish in the same place.

The bottom line

There are several reasons for the fishy taste in your beef jerky as well as some methods to get rid of it.

You have or have not encountered this situation, but hopefully, our article has helped you understand more about how to get rid of the fishy taste (if any) in your beef jerky.

Just follow our tips and you will never experience beef jerky that tastes like fish, but salty, beefy, tender, and chewy jerky instead.

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