Beef Jerky Tastes Like Dog Food: Do You Think That All Beef Jerky Tastes A Little Like Dog Food?

beef jerky tastes like dog food

Many people enjoy eating beef jerky as a snack, while others say that it tastes like dog food.

So what is the truth?

If you have consumed beef jerky that tastes similar to dog food, what is the reason, and is it safe to eat?

We are here to help you unravel this problem.

Why does my beef jerky taste like dog food?

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Beef jerky is a favorite snack that is perfect for different occasions.

You can make your own batch of beef jerky, or opt for the store-bought version.

However, the resulting dish sometimes tastes like dog food.


Here are some reasons that can help you understand:

The beef has been dried for a long time so it is leathery and dry like dog food

No matter if you have a homemade batch of beef jerky or a package of processed dried beef, the problem might be that the beef has been dried for such a long time than it should be.

This results in a tough, chewy, and dry texture that is similar to beef jerky for dogs.

You have bought the wrong product

The second chance that makes your beef jerky taste like dog food is that you have bought the wrong product.

There is a kind of dog food that has the same look and name as human beef jerky.

Therefore, if you just pick that jerky package without carefully looking for the information printed on the label, chances are you have brought home dog jerky treats.

The beef is not at its peak quality

Last but not least, the beef that is used to makebeef jerkyis not at its peak quality.

Fresh beef makes the best beef jerky, but if they use stale or frozen beef, the resulting dish might taste bland, dull, or taste like dog food.

Is it safe to eat beef jerky that tastes like dog food?

Normally, it can be considered safe to eat beef jerky that tastes like dog food, even if it is real dog food.

Although the dog food taste in your beef jerky is not going to be a good experience at all, it doesn’t put any danger to your health. 

However, if your beef jerky does not only come with a dog food taste but also another sign of spoilage, you better throw it away to avoid foodborne illnesses.

How to get rid of the dog food taste from beef jerky?

Many people love to snack on beef jerky but sometimes, the taste of dog food lingering in your mouth can be a little off-putting.

Now, let’s learn some tips on how to get rid of that taste quickly and easily:

Check the label carefully to not buy beef jerky treats for dogs

Beef jerky for humans and beef jerky treats for dogs might look very similar at first sight.

If you don’t read and check the label carefully, you probably buy the beef jerky for dogs and only figure it out when it tastes like dog food in your mouth.

Look for a famous brand of beef jerky from a reputable store

Another thing you can do to avoid the dog food taste in your mouth is to opt for a famous brand of beef jerky.

There are many brands out there, but if you have no experience or knowledge about which one tastes best, just ask for help from other people so that you can pick the good one that doesn’t taste like dog food.

Make your own beef jerky from fresh beef and follow a reliable recipe

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The last method is to say no to store-bought beef jerky so that you will never have to worry about buying the wrong one that is designed for dogs.

Make your own beef jerky at home for the best result.

But don’t forget to buy fresh beef from a reputable butcher shop, and look for a reliable recipe from a famous chef or food blogger.

The bottom line

There are many different types of beef jerky out there and some brands stand out with the best flavor and texture.

But if your store-bought beef jerky is made with low-quality meat or fillers, chances are it will taste like dog food.

Make sure to read the label carefully to buy a good package of beef jerky, or at least, don’t bring jerky treats for dogs when you don’t have a dog.

You can choose to make your own beef jerky to get rid of this problem too.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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