Where To Buy Beef Jerky Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Beef jerky is one of the favorite snacks of all ages, especially for movie time. If you are craving some and are not sure why to buy this processed beef product that is affordable and high-quality, then this article is for you. We will have some suggestions on where to buy beef jerky in the bottom part, but let’s figure out the basic knowledge about beef jerky first.

What is beef jerky?

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The word “jerky” comes from the Quechua word “charqui,” which means dried meat.

So beef jerky is actually dried and seasoned beef that is already cooked and can be consumed immediately.

Beef jerky is usually sliced or shredded into strips.

The marinating spice rub usually consists of a high salt content with different spicy seasonings to dehydrate the meat and keep it away from being spoiled over time.

Therefore, it is not recommended to consume this kind of processed beef dish every day.

Many people prefer making their own beef jerky at home, while others love the convenience of store-bought beef jerky.

It is portable and the dry meat can be safe at room temperature, that’s why beef jerky is the best on the go for a picnic or travel.

It has a taste that resembles beef sausage, but is more intense and spicy, with a chewy texture.

How many calories are in beef jerky?

Beef jerky is extremely high in calories because the meat is dehydrated and loses much of its weight.

That means 100 grams of beef jerky might be made from 400, 500 grams, or more fresh beef, which explains why beef jerky is very high in calories per gram, and also very expensive.

However, the interesting thing is you can consume this healthy snack without gaining weight because beef jerky digests at a slower pace than carbohydrates do, making you feel full longer.

In addition, it doesn’t produce insulin, which signals our body’s fat storage.

How to choose the best beef jerky?

Choosing beef jerky is not that hard, but there are some tips for you to choose the best beef jerky from plenty of beef jerky products on the market:

1.    Buy beef jerky from a reputable brand

There are many manufacturers that produce beef jerky so before sticking with a specific brand that you find the best, you should get some advice from other people or try yourself to find out the most delicious beef jerky with a clear origin.

2.    Check the ingredient: the best cut for beef jerky is top round and bottom round

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The beef cut that is ideal to make beef jerky should be as lean as possible, but still tender and not too tough.

Top round and bottom round are considered the best cuts for making beef jerky so check this kind of information on the package to buy the beef jerky that is made from either of these cuts.

You can also choose the sirloin top, but it will be more expensive.

3.    Consider flavor and size

Today, beef jerky comes in different flavors and sizes, so depending on your preference, just opt for your favorite type.

For example, to buy beef jerky for the kids in your family, you can choose the one that is less spicy and shredded into thin and small strips.

Where to buy beef jerky?

Beef jerky is one of the most popular processed beef products besides corned beef or beef sausage.

Therefore, it is not a trick to find this snack no matter where you live. Here are some typical places where you can get some packages of beef jerky with ease.

1.    Convenience stores or supermarkets

Beef jerky is placed next to other kinds of snacks in most convenience stores or supermarkets across the United States.

You can find different brands of beef jerky in one store so look for your familiar and favorite brand to buy.

2.    Online

Beef jerky is widely sold online.

You can find this snack available on some international platforms like Amazon and eBay, or some domestic websites of American stores and supermarkets that support this shopping method.

Beef jerky has a long shelf life so it is safe to buy it online and you don’t have to worry if the transportation can affect the product’s quality.


If you are looking for a healthy snack on the go, then beef jerky might be the right choice.

It’s affordable and high quality with its shelf life lasting up to two years!

And if that doesn’t convince you enough, it is also one of the most popular snacks in America.

You can also easily purchase some packs of beef jerky in most convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country.

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