4 Best Beef For Stroganoff: What Cut Of Beef Should Be Used In A Stroganoff Recipe?

beef for stroganoff

Every cook needs a go-to recipe for an easy and quick dinner.

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And what could be more suitable than stroganoff?

This beef dish is flavorful, versatile, and perfect for any occasion.

So what cut of beef will be perfect for stroganoff?

Let’s find out in this article.

How to choose beef for stroganoff?

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Stroganoff is a comfort dish with a rich and creamy taste from the ingredients.

Since the main cooking methods to make this dish are pan-searing and stir-frying, a tough cut of beef will definitely not be a wise choice.

So how to choose beef for stroganoff?

Let’s refer to our tips below:

1. A tender cut of beef works better

As already mentioned, the quick-cooking method is applied in the stroganoff recipe.

Therefore, you need a tender cut of beef that doesn’t require a lot of time to cook.

For example, a tough cut like chuck roast or bottom round is mainly made of connective tissue and they need hours to tenderize the meat.

Meanwhile, it only takes about less than 15 minutes to cook a tender cut like filet mignon or ribeye so that it can melt in your mouth while still being juicy.

2. Buy fresh beef

Another tip to have a good cut of beef for stroganoff is to look for a fresh cut.

Nobody wants a stale cut that is left from yesterday or a frozen package of beef in the commercial freezer from most grocery stores and supermarkets across the country.

Fresh meat always tastes best when cooked.

Stir-frying frozen beef slices can result in a watery dish and lacks flavors.

3. The beef should be thinly sliced to ⅓ or ½ inches

The last thing you should consider when choosing beef for stroganoff is to slice it into a perfect thickness.

It is recommended to have beef slices not too thin or thick.

Too thin beef might be burnt while pan-searing, while thick slices of beef are hard to chew and evenly cooked in a short time.

⅓ to ½ inches is a good thickness of beef for stroganoff.

Moreover, you should buy a whole cut of beef and slice it yourself at home so that you can achieve your desired thickness that works perfectly in the stroganoff recipe.

Best 4 cuts of beef for stroganoff

Now we know that a tender cut of beef will work better in a stroganoff recipe, so what exactly these tender cuts are?

Look below:

1. Boneless ribeye

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Boneless ribeye is the steak cut from the primal rib cut of the cow.

It is sold without the standing rib and there is only meat there with some perfect marbling fat.

Boneless ribeye is one of the best steaks and most expensive cuts of beef that are favored for being very flavorful, tender, and versatile.

Besides making a restaurant-quality steak, boneless ribeye can be sliced into small pieces for stir-frying recipes like stroganoff.

You can achieve a flavorful taste thanks to the marbling fat while the meat can melt in your mouth.

2. Top sirloin

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Top sirloin is a more economical cut of beef that is also perfect for stroganoff.

It is leaner than the ribeye but it doesn’t mean top sirloin is a bland cut.

Top sirloin has enough flavor to make your stroganoff beefy and tasty without adding too much fat.

3. Rump steak 

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Rump steak is not the most tender cut of beef, but it is also not hard to chew.

Rump steak is a low-cost cut of beef that is taken from the back of the cattle.

Despite its price, rump steak is considered a good cut for stroganoff because you only need to pan-sear and stir-fry rump steak slices in minutes until they are tender and cooked.

4. Beef tenderloin

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There is no cut more tender than a beef tenderloin (or also known as beef filet mignon).

This is also the priciest cut of beef that is prized for its tenderness that can melt in your mouth no matter how you cook it.

Although there is very little marbling fat in a beef tenderloin, this cut is relatively flavorful and perfect for quick-cooking techniques like in a stroganoff.

The bottom line

Stroganoff is the perfect dish to make for an easy but hearty meal.

However, not all cuts of beef are created equal.

Some may be better suited than others depending on your personal preferences or budget.

Ultimately, a tender cut like rib eye, top sirloin, or tenderloin will work better in a stroganoff recipe.

All the aforementioned beef cuts are worth trying so don’t forget to give them a try in turn to figure out which cut of beef is best for stroganoff.