27 Substitutes For Beef Bouillon In Case You’ve Run It Out

beef bouillon substitute

Bouillon is a flavor-enhancing liquid that’s made with meat, fish or vegetables.

It’s often used to make broth, which is the liquid that simmers in soup and stews.

Bouillon can be made from a variety of ingredients and comes in different forms, depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are some recipes for bouillon substitutes:

Homemade Beef Bouillon

Homemade beef bouillon is a great alternative to store bought bouillon.

It can be used in soups and stews, as a base for gravy, as well as many other recipes.

It has a better flavor than store bought powders and it’s also healthier because there are no additives like MSG or preservatives added.

It can be used to make beef bouillon cubes or homemade broth.

Beef bouillon is very easy to make, it only takes about 10 minutes of your time and the result will last for a long time in the fridge.

Worchestershire Sauce

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Worcestershire sauce is a condiment that is made from fermented anchovies, molasses, vinegar, and seasonings.

It contains anchovies and therefore cannot be used in vegan recipes.

Seasoned rice vinegar is just rice vinegar with salt and sugar added to it.

It’s used in many recipes that call for regular rice vinegar so if you can’t find seasoned rice vinegar, you can use regular rice vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is made from apples and contains pectin, a substance that helps thicken recipes.

You can use apple cider vinegar in place of regular rice vinegar but you should be aware that it will thin the recipe out a bit.

Soy Sauce

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Soy sauce is a salty condiment that adds a robust, umami flavor to dishes.

It can be used in place of beef bouillon or salt to add saltiness and complexity.

For example, you could use soy sauce to make an Asian-style stew or stir fry.

Soy sauce is made by fermenting soya beans with bacterial cultures, then adding water and other ingredients such as wheat flour, salt and sugar.

The resulting liquid can be sweetened or not depending on how it will be used and whether it’s intended for consumption by vegans/vegetarians (who do not eat animal products).

Although soy sauce is often used in Asian dishes because it tends to go well with rice noodles or noodles made from wheat flour rather than rice flour like udon noodles; you may find yourself using this ingredient more frequently than expected!

Light Soy Sauce

Light soy sauce is a condiment made from soybeans, wheat flour, salt and water.

The original recipe for light soy sauce called for the mixture to be aged for three years in barrels before consumption.

In modern times, however, this process has been simplified so that it only takes a few months.

Light soy sauces are typically lower in sodium than their traditional counterparts and are therefore more popular among people who are looking to reduce their sodium intake.

Light soy sauce is used as an ingredient in many recipes including marinades, braises and stews; however it also makes an excellent replacement for salt when making gravy or sauces (especially those with Asian influences).

You can add light soy sauce directly into your food while cooking or use it as part of your marinade before cooking – just remember not to overdo it!

If you do find yourself adding too much liquid then try draining out some excess liquid after cooking – but be careful not too remove too much otherwise you may end up with dry meat instead which defeats the point entirely!

If storing leftover beef bouillon substitute then consider using glass jars rather than plastic since they won’t react adversely with any residual moisture present inside them.

Bone broth

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Bone broth is another good substitute for beef bouillon.

It contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus—all of which are essential to maintaining healthy bones.

Bone broth can be used as a base for soups, stews and sauces as well as drinking on its own.

Bone broth can be made from most animal bones (including poultry) or fish bones from grass-fed or pastured animals that were raised in their natural environment (not factory-farmed).

Bone broth can be made in a slow cooker or on the stovetop, but it’s best to simmer it for at least 24 hours to allow all of the nutrients to be released into the water.

Fish Sauce

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Fish sauce is a condiment that is used in Asian cuisine.

It is made from fermented fish, and it has a pungent odor.

Fish sauce is an ingredient in dishes such as Vietnamese pho, which uses it to add flavor.

It can be used as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce because they both have the same dark color and tangy flavor profile.

Fish sauce is made by fermenting fish in water with salt.

The mixture is left to ferment for a few months, during which time it will develop its characteristic strong smell and taste.

Some manufacturers use anchovies for their fish sauce, while others add shrimp paste as well.

Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon cubes are a popular substitute for beef bouillon because they’re easy to use and can be stored in your pantry.

Tear open the package and you’ll see that the cube is made of dehydrated vegetables, starch (often wheat), and spices.

Use one cube just like you would use one teaspoon of powder: place it in a cup or bowl, add hot water until the cube dissolves completely, then add more hot water as desired.

You may need to stir with a spoon or whisk to dissolve it completely before adding more water.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan alternative to beef bouillon, vegetable broth can be substituted.

Just make sure that it’s low in sodium and high in potassium so that your soup doesn’t taste too salty or bland.

Bouillon powder

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Bouillon powder is a dehydrated version of stock.

It contains all the same ingredients as broth, including salt and MSG.

The difference lies in how the ingredients are prepared and processed.

Bouillon powder can be added directly to recipes or dissolved in hot water for use as a liquid base like broth or stock.

The latter option yields a less concentrated solution that can be used for soups and stews with more volume than what you would get from using bouillon crystals alone (see below).

Using it this way also makes it easier to measure out accurate quantities—just add however much water you need to reach your desired consistency!

Bouillon has a long shelf life compared to other substitutes because the spices’ oils have been extracted during processing, so no microorganisms grow on them over time.

However, there is still some risk of spoilage since most bouillon powders contain sodium nitrite and/or sodium nitrate (which also helps preserve meat), which can cause stomach irritation if ingested in large amounts over an extended period of time.

Liquid Aminos

Liquid aminos are a good substitute for both beef bouillon and soy sauce.

They are made from fermented soybeans, making them a great source of protein and vitamins.

Liquid aminos can be used in place of either to add flavor to your dish.

In addition to the taste benefits, we also like that liquid aminos have no salt added — just pure, unprocessed goodness!

This makes them a healthier option than some other seasonings out there.

Liquid aminos are quite versatile, too.

They can be used as a marinade for chicken or beef, sprinkled on top of salads for extra flavor and protein, or added to soups and stews.

Chicken broth

Chicken broth is a great substitute for beef bouillon.

It’s also a good source of protein and nutrients like iron and calcium.

Chicken broth can be used in soups, stews or sauces.

You can also use it in place of beef bouillon to give your dish more flavor.

Chicken broth is made from chicken bones, which are boiled for a long time to draw the flavor out of them.

It’s also commonly flavored with herbs and spices like thyme and oregano.

You can make your own chicken broth by boiling chicken carcasses or leftover bones from your dinner in water—just be sure to strain the broth before using it in recipes.

Store-bought chicken broth can be used in place of water when making rice, or as a base for sauces, soups and stews.

It’s also commonly used as a flavor enhancer for meatloafs and other dishes that don’t contain much fat.

Bouillon granules

Bouillon granules are a good alternative to beef bouillon.

They’re easy to use, and you can use them for soups and stews, as well as homemade gravy.

They come in a range of flavors including beef, chicken, vegetable and mushroom.

Bouillon granules are made from dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices.

They’re usually available in the spice section of your local grocery store.

You can also find them online at sites like Amazon.

Bouillon granules are a good alternative to beef bouillon.

They’re easy to use, and you can use them for soups and stews, as well as homemade gravy.

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is a liquid made from chicken.

It can be used to flavor soups, sauces and stews.

There are many ways to make chicken broth at home and this recipe will teach you how to make it in an Instant Pot (pressure cooker).

Instant Pot chicken broth is very easy to make and if you have leftover bones after making meal prep bowls or another recipe like slow cooker shredded beef then this will save your life!


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Marmite is a yeast-based food spread that contains vitamin B12, typically used to add flavor to stews and soups.

The main ingredient in Marmite is yeast extract, which gives it its distinctive taste.

A small amount of salt and sugar are added for flavor as well.

It may also contain vegetable extracts like onion or carrot, spices like coriander or cloves, and artificial coloring agents such as caramel color and paprika extract.

Marmite is often made with corn syrup (which has been linked to obesity) so read the ingredients list carefully if you intend to buy this product!

If you’re buying your own jar at a grocery store or supermarket then be sure that no preservatives were added during production; these are usually listed on the label somewhere near where ingredients would be listed if they were included at all.

Chicken stock

Chicken stock is a great substitute for beef bouillon.

Chicken stock contains protein, vitamins and minerals that are helpful for your body.

You can use chicken stock as a base for soups, stews, and sauces.

It’s also a good alternative for people who are following vegetarian or vegan diets.

 Chicken stock can be made from roasted chicken carcasses, water and vegetables like onions, carrots and celery.

You can also make it from a whole chicken.

If you’re interested in making chicken stock, here’s how:

Wine or Beer

If you’re looking for a great way to use up leftover wine or beer, consider substituting it in your beef bouillon.

1 cup of wine or beer works just as well as 1 cup of beef bouillon.

You can then use the wine or beer in place of beef bouillon when making gravy or stew, but be sure to add some extra flour so that the gravy doesn’t become too thin.

It’s also possible to make your own beef bouillon.

To do so, combine 2 cups of coarsely chopped carrots, celery and onions in a pot with 2 quarts of water.

Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes.

Remove the vegetables from the liquid (saving them for later use), add 1 pound of ground beef and cook until browned.

Stock concentrate

Stock concentrate is a great substitute for bouillon cubes.

Simply add water to the powder until it reaches the desired strength.

You could also use stock concentrate in soups, stews, and sauces.

Stock concentrates can be found in your grocery store’s baking aisle.

There are many brands to choose from, so feel free to experiment with different flavors until you find one that suits your taste buds!

Another great way to add flavor without salt is by using herbs and spices.

Herbs are a great way to get the taste of fresh vegetables into your foods.

There are many different kinds of herbs available, so pick a few that you like and experiment with them!

Seasoning water

When you add water to your meat and vegetables, it’s important to season the water so that the flavors of your dish aren’t overpowered by plain water.

A good way to do this is by adding salt, pepper and other spices such as oregano or basil.

If you’re making a soup with lots of herbs in it (like mint), then focus on balancing out their flavor with some salt and pepper.

Another thing you can do is add some lemon juice or vinegar to your dish.

This will help balance out any strong flavors that might be coming from your meat and vegetables.

When it comes to cooking meat, there are a few different methods you can use.

The most basic is poaching, which involves bringing the meat to a boil in some water and then letting it simmer for several hours.

This technique works well for fish and chicken.

Miso paste 

Miso paste is a thick paste made by fermenting soybeans and grains.

It’s rich in protein, and has several benefits for your health:

  • Miso paste helps with digestion because it contains probiotics that aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Miso can help lower cholesterol levels, which may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • In addition to lowering cholesterol, miso also lowers blood pressure and helps prevent other cardiovascular problems like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
  • Research suggests that including fermented foods such as miso in your diet can help protect against cancer by reducing oxidative stress on cells and suppressing tumor growth.

Dry white wine

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If you don’t have time to simmer the broth for several hours, or if you simply want to make something quick and flavorful, try this recipe:

  • 1 cup of dry white wine (such as Chardonnay)
  • A bay leaf and a few peppercorns (optional)

Bring the ingredients to a boil over high heat.

Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

Strain through a fine mesh sieve before using in your recipe.

Liquid aminos

If you have a recipe that calls for beef bouillon, you can use any of the following to replace it:

  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon liquid aminos (a gluten-free version of soy sauce)
  • 1 teaspoon tamari sauce (a gluten-free version of soy sauce)
  • 1 teaspoon fish sauce

Mushroom broth

Mushroom broth is a great alternative to beef bouillon.

It can be made from mushrooms, onions, and garlic.

Add herbs and spices for extra flavor!

Vegan bouillon cubes

If you’re looking for an alternative to beef bouillon, the best option is a vegan bouillon cube.

It will provide all of the flavor you need in your gravy or soup without any of the animal products.

However, it’s important that you choose the right kind of vegan bouillon cube.

Some are made with wheat flour, so be sure to read labels and make sure there’s no wheat listed as an ingredient before purchasing them.

If you’re looking to make your own vegan gravy, there are plenty of recipes online.

Just be sure to use the right kind of vegetable broth and bouillon cubes.

If you’re looking for an alternative to beef bouillon, the best option is a vegan bouillon cube.

It will provide all of the flavor you need in your gravy or soup without any of the animal products.

However, it’s important that you choose the right kind of vegan bouillon cube.

Some are made with wheat flour, so be sure to read labels and make sure there’s no wheat listed as an ingredient before purchasing them.

French onion soup

French onion soup is a classic comfort food, but if you’re vegan, it can be difficult to get that perfect flavor.

Add some vegan butter, cheese and broth to the mix and you’ll have yourself a delicious pot of French onion soup in no time!

In this recipe we will substitute vegan butter for dairy butter, Daiya cheese shreds for cow’s milk cheese and Better Than Bouillon No Chicken base for beef bouillon cubes.

To start, melt the vegan butter in a large pot over medium heat.

Add the onions and sauté until translucent, about 10 minutes.

Pour in broth and wine, then simmer for another 20 minutes or so until your soup is thickened.

Vegan Worcestershire sauce

Vegan Worcestershire sauce is a great option for those who want to use non-dairy ingredients.

It has a similar flavor to traditional Worcestershire sauce, but substitutes soy sauce with tamari, which is a fermented soybean paste.

Braggs Liquid Aminos make an excellent replacement as they’re made from non-GMO soybeans and contain 16 amino acids that the body needs to function.

They also have no artificial ingredients or preservatives!

If you prefer steak sauce over tomato paste (which is a common substitute for Beef Bouillon Subsitute), then try using Worcestershire Sauce instead of steak sauce in your recipe.

You can also combine both if you like; just know that adding more tomato paste will make your dish taste more like traditional Beef Bouillon Subsitute.

Tomato paste

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Tomato paste is another great substitute for beef bouillon.

It’s got the same flavor, saltiness and thickness as the real deal, but it’s also full of vitamin C.

You can use tomato paste in soups and stews to give them extra body and taste.

Just add a few tablespoons to your favorite recipe when you’re cooking up a batch.

If you’re looking to cut back on salt, try using a little bit of tomato paste in place of the regular amount of bouillon.

Just add as much as you normally would and see if it tastes any different.

If not, keep adding in more until it does.

When you’re done with your soup or stew, just rinse out your container and store the paste for next time.

Vegan steak sauce

Vegan steak sauce is a great substitute for beef bouillon.

It’s made from soy sauce and vinegar, plus seasonings like garlic powder and onion powder to give it that savory flavor of classic steak sauce.

These ingredients are combined in a jar and sold in the international section of your grocery store.

One tablespoon of this vegetarian alternative will provide the same amount of sodium as one teaspoon of beef bouillon granules, so you don’t need to worry about reducing your intake if you’re going meatless!

Use vegan steak sauce to make a hearty vegetable stew or soup—simply add it along with some water, diced veggies (carrots, potatoes), spices like thyme or cayenne pepper (optional), and any other vegetables you want for added health benefits (eggplant!).

Vegan miso

Miso is a fermented paste made from soybeans and grains, like rice.

It’s high in protein and low in fat, making it perfect for the vegan recipe enthusiast.

Not only can you use it as a soup ingredient but it is also great for sauces and marinades!

Miso has many health benefits, including being rich in vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) and B12.

In addition to having these important vitamins miso is also a good source of selenium which helps reduce inflammation by controlling blood sugar levels.

Vegan bouillon granules 

Vegan bouillon granules are a good alternative to regular beef bouillon granules.

They’re also known as vegetable stock, and they can be used in the same way that you would use regular beef or chicken stock.

To make the vegan version of this recipe, replace all of the ingredients that contain animal products with their vegan counterparts.

For example:

  • Beef stock = Vegetable broth (or water) + 1 tsp dried basil + 1/2 tsp dried thyme + 1/4 tsp dried oregano + 1/4 tsp paprika + pinch ground black pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce = Soy sauce


In conclusion, I hope you have found this article helpful and informative.

It can be frustrating to try to find substitutes for the ingredients in your favorite recipes, especially when they seem so simple and straightforward.

However, with some research and creativity, you can make all sorts of delicious meals that are healthier than ever before!

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