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Which Tomato Is Better for Your Recipes: Amish Paste or Roma? Find Out Now!

You probably have a favorite kind of tomato.

Maybe you prefer the deep red ones.

Maybe you prefer the yellow ones.

Or maybe: like me, you won’t even eat a tomato unless it’s an Amish Paste Tomato.

I’m sure that last one caught your attention!

Yes: I am a big fan of the Amish Paste Tomato and would recommend it to anyone out there who loves tomatoes but is looking for something different from their regular red tomatoes or yellow tomatoes.

But what about Roma Tomato?

It seems like Roma Tomatoes are everywhere these days, whether at farmer’s markets, grocery stores, or even on high-end menus in restaurants.

Do they really deserve all this attention?

And how do they stack up against my beloved Amish Paste Tomatoes?

In this article, I’ll dive into both kinds of tomatoes so we can get to the bottom of all these questions!

What kind of tomato is an Amish Paste Tomato?

The Amish Paste tomato is a type of paste tomato, which means it is small and very sweet.

The Amish Paste tomato comes in many different colors and can have many different flavors depending on the variety you choose.

The best way to eat this type of tomato is fresh because they are so sweet, but they also make great sauces when cooked down or pureed into soup.

What’s special about Amish paste tomato?

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Unlike the Roma tomato, which is a small, round fruit that grows in clusters on vines.

The Amish Paste Tomato (they call it the “Amish Meatball”) is a large tomato that’s heart-shaped and has thick skin with meaty insides.

It has a rich flavor and juicy texture—but because of its low acid content, it’s perfect for canning.

If you don’t have time to grow your own tomatoes or find yourself stuck at the grocery store staring at rows upon rows of pre-packaged cans of this popular summertime staple, there are still plenty of ways to get your hands on one!

What’s special about Roma tomato?

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With its small size, Roma tomato is ideal for canning and sauces.

It’s also a good choice for salads and eating raw.

If you’re looking for something to make salsa with, Roma tomatoes are perfect!

Roma tomatoes have a taste similar to that of other plum-style tomatoes, but they offer more acidity than other varieties like Amish Paste or San Marzano.

This means they need less sugar in sauces made from them—and also make excellent salsas themselves!

Are paste tomatoes and Roma the same?

The size and shape of these two tomatoes are very similar, but they do have some differences.

For example, Amish paste tomatoes have a higher percentage of flesh and lower water content than Roma tomatoes.

This means that your sauce will be thicker and more concentrated if you use amish paste tomato instead of roma.

Amish paste is also good for drying because it does not lose as much moisture when compared to roma tomatoes in the sun (or dehydrator).

The taste is also different; some people prefer one over another because of this difference in flavor!

Is Amish Paste a Roma tomato?

Amish Paste is a sweet tomato.

It’s not a Roma tomato.

And the reason you know this is because the Amish are known for their orange, sweet paste tomatoes and roma tomatoes are usually red and often used for canning purposes.

So just remember:

  • Sweet = Amish Paste Tomato
  • Red = Roma Tomato

Amish Paste tomato vs Roma tomato: The similarities

First and foremost, it’s important to note that both Amish Paste tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are heirloom varieties.

This means that they have been passed down through generations of farmers, who have preserved the plants’ genetic integrity by not cross-breeding them with other species.

It also means that these two tomato types grow true from seed, so if you grow a plant from an Amish Paste or Roma tomato seedling, it will be identical to its parent in terms of appearance, size and flavor.

These two tomato types can be red tomatoes (which is what makes them similar), but they actually come in a wide variety of colors as well: pinkish-red; orange-red; even yellow!

The secret?

A little bit of genetic engineering goes a long way!

Both Amish Paste Tomato vs Roma Tomato

Amish Paste tomato vs Roma tomato: The differences

The Amish Paste tomato is a long, meaty type of heirloom tomato.

They are around 1-2 inches in diameter and about 4-5 inches long.

In contrast, Roma tomatoes tend to be less than half the size of an Amish Paste tomato with a more oval shape and less dense texture.

Roma tomatoes have a higher acidity level than their larger counterpart with fewer seeds inside them.

The flavor profile varies between both types of tomatoes so it’s worth trying both before deciding which one you prefer!

Which one is better: Amish Paste tomato or Roma tomato?

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Amish paste tomato is a variety of tomato that’s known for its high flesh-to-seed ratio and thick, meaty texture.

Because it has fewer seeds than other varieties, Amish paste makes an excellent choice if you’re making sauce or soup.

The Roma tomato is ideal for eating raw because it has a very low pH level and lots of acidity; this makes it more acidic than most other tomatoes (which can make them taste bitter).

If you want to flavor salads with tomatoes and don’t mind the peel, the Roma is better suited for your needs here too.

Roma tomatoes are great in sandwiches because they have less water content than other types of tomatoes which means they won’t make all your bread soggy!

Amish Paste tomatoes have quite dry flesh so if you’re trying to avoid wet sandwiches then try using one of these instead!


The Amish Paste tomato is a great choice for sauce, paste, and canning.

The Roma tomato does well in sauces and paste as well, but for eating straight from the garden or using in salads, the Amish Paste is not your best option.

Both are excellent producers of tomatoes until frost.

If you want to use your tomatoes fresh like in salads or on burgers then Roma is the better choice because they are firmer and smaller.

But if you are looking to make tomato sauce or canned tomatoes try an Amish Paste tomato – it will give you higher yields with bigger fruits and fewer seeds, plus it’s easy to grow!

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