Where To Buy Fresh Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Today, frozen food accounts the majority on the market, but we all know that fresh ingredients taste better.

Have you ever been wondering about the best place to buy fresh chicken in the area instead of sticking with frozen chicken breasts or thighs in most grocery stores?

In this blog post, we will explore various places to purchase fresh chicken and also explain why we should opt for this fresh ingredient in the long term.

What is fresh chicken?

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Fresh chicken seems to be a familiar term, but not all of us know what exactly it is.

Fresh chicken means that the chicken is not frozen and has never been in a freezer before.

Fresh chicken can refer to chickens that are still alive, or the chickens that have just been slaughtered and cleaned (feather removed) to be sold to customers.

Since chicken meat has never been kept in the freezer at all during its life cycle, it is fresher for consumption and has a sweeter taste.

Moreover, frozen chicken, if being improperly stored, can lose some nutrients.

Therefore, in general, it will be better to stick with fresh chicken instead.

How many calories are in fresh chicken?

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The calories of chicken aren’t determined by the way it is stored: fresh or frozen.

The number of calories actually depends on the chicken itself and the different cuts of the poultry.

Chicken breasts are leaner so they are fewer in calories, while dark meat like chicken thighs are fattier, thus higher in calories.

For example, the serving size of 100 grams of chicken breast will provide us with 160 calories, or 130 calories without skin.

Meanwhile, the same amount of fresh chicken thighs delivers 180 calories or 140 calories with the skinless version.

How to choose the best fresh chicken?

Unlike frozen chicken that decays slowly, fresh chicken can easily turn stale after a while.

Therefore, it should be only sold within a morning after the chicken is slaughtered, otherwise, the chicken needs to be tossed in the freezer to sell in the near future.

To choose the best fresh chicken, the following tips will be helpful:

1.   Buy fresh chicken from a reputable store

You might not differentiate between a frozen chicken that has been completely thawed and a fresh chicken.

Therefore, to make sure you can buy real fresh chicken that has never been stored in the freezer, you should opt for a reliable store.

The price for fresh chicken at this place might be higher, but the result is going to be worth it.

2.   Choose the chicken that has just been slaughtered 

As already mentioned, the fresh chicken gets stale quickly.

Therefore, you should ask the seller, or look for the information on the package of a reputable store to check if the chicken has just been slaughtered or not.

Fresh chicken should be only sold within four to five hours after the hen is slaughtered.

3.   Inspect the skin for any discoloration, bruises, and scratches

One tip to choose the best fresh chicken is to look at its skin.

The skin should be evenly yellow without any sign of discoloration, bruises, or scratches.

You can also see the thickness of the skin to know if this chicken is fatty or lean, firm, or tender.

4.   Consider your favorite cut of fresh chicken

Fresh chicken can be sold the whole chicken or individual cuts like breasts, wings, or thighs.

When shopping for fresh chicken, you should determine what dish you are going to cook and what cut of chicken the recipe calls for.

It will help you save more time in the store searching for a somewhat cut or the entire chicken.

Where to buy fresh chicken?

Due to the high demand for fresh chicken, nowadays, it is easier to access this ingredient besides the popular frozen counterpart.

You can purchase fresh chicken in the following places:

1.   Local butcher or farmer’s market

The best place to buy fresh chicken is at a local butcher or farmer’s market.

You can even find more fresh chicken cuts than frozen chicken in these places because the chicken is delivered here right after it is slaughtered.

2.   Asian market

Fresh chicken is more popular in Asian cuisine.

You can see most chicken sold in Asian markets is fresh instead of frozen.

Moreover, the price for fresh chicken is also more reasonable in an Asian market, making this ingredient affordable for more people.

3.   Online

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You can purchase fresh chicken via the websites of some meat stores or supermarkets like Whole Foods Market.

However, remember to choose a nearby store so that the chicken won’t be smelly after a long transportation.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog post about the benefits of fresh chicken and where you should go to look for the best fresh chicken on the market.

With the best ingredient on hand, we believe that any home cook can create an outstanding dish to serve their loved ones.

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