Where To Buy Chicken Crackling: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been searching for a place that sells chicken cracklings? If so, this blog post is for you.

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Chicken cracklings are one of the most sought-after and delicious food items in different cuisines.

Read on and you will find out more things about chicken cracklings and where to buy this snack when you crave some.

What are chicken cracklings?

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Chicken cracklings are similar to traditional pork cracklings, but with chicken fat instead of pork fat.

Chicken cracklings are made from fried slabs of chicken skin and fat that have been dehydrated to create an airy and crispy texture, just like potato chips.

Many people like to fry them in their own fat, but they can also be deep-fried or baked in an oven with some oil.

The flavor is similar to potato chips or pork cracklings, but with a smoky aftertaste from the cooked poultry fat.

You will often find chicken cracklings served as a side dish at breakfast time or sprinkled on top of salads or soups for extra protein and crunchiness.

They can be enjoyed as salty snack food.

How many calories are in chicken cracklings?

Like pork cracklings, the chicken version is relatively high in calories but has zero or very little carb.

A package of store-bought chicken cracklings, which is about two ounces, will provide us with 280 calories.

This food item is perfect for those who are looking for a snack that tastes good but won’t cause them to gain more weight.

However, the store-bought chicken cracklings contain such a high content of sodium, making it less healthy to consume every single day.

How to choose the best chicken cracklings?

Chicken cracklings are only tasty if you can choose the best type.

If you don’t know the tips to choose high-quality chicken cracklings, this section will help:

1. Buy chicken cracklings from a reputable brand

There are many brands producing chicken cracklings so that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

However, this can turn out to be a disadvantage because you may feel overwhelmed with such a huge number of brand names.

Just ask other consumers who have experience in buying chicken cracklings and do some research on the Internet before heading out there and opt for a famous and reliable brand.

2. Choose a puffy package

Chicken cracklings are usually contained in a plastic package.

To ensure the crunchiness of the cracklings, you should opt for a puffy package.

The one that is bulged will result in less crispy chicken cracklings, and even create some mold if the air is too humid.

3. Consider size and flavor

Chicken cracklings come in different sizes and flavors.

Therefore, you should read the ingredient list on the package carefully to see if the product’s flavor will satisfy your taste buds or not.

Moreover, it is better to consume them all in a single serving because if you improperly store the leftovers, you will end up with soggy and soft chicken skin.

Where to buy chicken cracklings?

In the past, traditional pork cracklings took a majority on the market.

Recently, chicken cracklings are also widely sold as a less fatty variant of pork cracklings.

You can easily find chicken cracklings in the following places:

1. Grocery store or supermarket

In most grocery stores or supermarkets across America, you can find chicken cracklings on the snack shelf.

In a large chain supermarket like Walmart, Kroger, or Costco, you will find more brands of chicken cracklings than in a small local store.

2. Online

Chicken cracklings are sold online too.

Therefore, when you don’t have time or mood for going shopping, you can scroll down the websites of certain convenience stores in your area, or the international online shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay to purchase this snack.

Since you cannot choose the best package of chicken cracklings with your eyes and your hands like in the traditional shopping method, it is best to opt for a reputable online retailer based on their customers’ reviews.


We hope this article has helped you learn more about what chicken cracklings are and where you should go to look for this snack.

Chicken cracklings can be found in different regions throughout the United States, making it easy for you to buy them at any time of the day and wherever you are.

If you have time, try making them at home with your favorite additional spices.